For many of us, the holidays are a time when dietary mindfulness goes out the window and unadulterated gluttony leads to New Year’s laments and extreme resolutions. No longer! We’re here to tell you, you can have a fantastically indulgent, totally delicious Christmas (and Hanukkah) and stay true to your ketogenic lifestyle. What’s more, we’re here to show you how to live it up on a keto diet!

So, give yourself the greatest gift this season. Use this keto holiday recipe roundup to treat yourself and your loved ones to a tasty Christmas morning meal, a to-die-for keto Christmas dinner, Christmas cookie recipes (Yes, great keto cookies!), and yummy, make-ahead keto meals for the whole family. You’ll not only enjoy awesome Christmas menus based on luscious, healthy recipes. You’ll also stay in ketosis,  delight everyone at the table, and head into the New Year feeling your best!

The Ultimate Keto Christmas Dinner Recipes

No need to even point out that it’s a keto dinner (or gluten-free) this year if you build your own holiday-dinner menu from the following keto Christmas recipes. They’re all delicious in their own right, which means everyone at the table will enjoy the feast, whether they’re counting their net carbs, are a foodie, or are just looking for a classic, satisfying holiday meal. 

Keto Christmas Appetizer Recipes

Keto-mojo Christmas Appetizers

It’s always a good idea to give people a little something to snack on while they mingle before dinner. But don’t go overboard. Keto foods are filling! Keep the pre-dinner comfort-food offerings light so guests will still have an appetite for the main event. 

Keto Christmas Main Dish Recipes

Christmas Main Dish

The secret to epic holiday dinner parties is choosing low-carb recipes that can feed crowds and are easy to prepare without compromising quality. The following options are all that and more, plus they allow for fantastic leftovers. 

Keto Christmas Side Dish & Salad Recipes

Christmas Side Dishes

Keto side dishes can be just as thrilling as other holiday side dish recipes! Add at least two or three of these easy keto recipes to your holiday meal and you’ll even wow the foodies. 

Keto Christmas Dessert Recipes

Christmas Desserts

You can finish the evening with something sweet without spiking your blood sugar or kicking yourself out of ketosis if you reach for one of these delicious sugar-free keto desserts. Made with classic keto ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour, and alternative sweeteners, they are very merry low-carb Christmas treats that make for perfect holiday desserts. 

Keto Christmas Cookie Recipes & Other Bite-Size Treats

Christmas Cookies

Prefer to finish the holiday meal with a table of holiday cookies? Try these holiday treats made with almond flour, erythritol (one of our favorite keto sugar-substitutes, which even has a brown-sugar version), keto chocolate chips (available on Amazon), and other keto-friendly ingredients. They’re the best low-carb cookies for sweet tooths!

The Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast

You don’t have to slave at the stove to gather the loved ones around the breakfast table Christmas morning. The following recipes can be made in advance and reheated or whipped together without much effort. The best part? They’re totally keto-friendly and mouthwatering, too!

Make-Ahead Meals to Feed Crowds

Christmas Make Ahead Meals

The holiday season is incredibly busy, and there tend to be more mouths to feed. How do you enjoy the season, make room for shopping and quality time, and make sure people (including you) have access to delicious, nutritious, keto meals without much effort? There’s a simple answer: make-ahead batch cooking. The following main courses feed crowds, can be doubled for even more servings, and can be made in advance, refrigerated, and reheated so the hungry can find something to eat whenever they want. 

Now that you’re loaded up with easy low-carb recipes for all your meal plans, you’re prepared to have the best keto Christmas ever complete with joy-filled eats and sweet treats! If Christmas is not your favorite holiday yet, it will be!


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