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Together we can make a difference

Keto-Mojo is committed to working with Health Professionals, Coaches, Trainers and Influencers by providing wholesale pricing, premier education and resources to guide you and your patients/clients through the ketogenic journey.

As our partner, we empower you to provide the most accurate meter and strips to your patients/clients to achieve consistent testing and accurate results for improved management and tracking when following the ketogenic diet for weight loss, improved health and management of individual health-related conditions.

There are two ways to work with us:

Holding Inventory In-House

PROCESS: You purchase inventory and hold inventory in-house.

  1. You purchase Keto-Mojo products on our wholesale store
  2. Keto-Mojo ships products to you
  3. You provide Keto-Mojo products to your patients/clients, at parity pricing

Holding Inventory Off-Site:

PROCESS: Our drop-ship program allows you to purchase inventory up-front without holding any inventory in-house.

  1. You pay a minimum pre-purchase amount towards Keto-Mojo products
  2. Keto-Mojo ships products directly to your patients/clients on an as needed basis
  3. Keto-Mojo sends you an account balance monthly

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Electronic Health/Monitoring Record (EHR/EMR)


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