Sure, you can eat turkey and whatever carb-free greens are on the table, but why sacrifice when you can indulge in all the Thanksgiving goodness and stay keto? Here, we share exactly how to have the ultimate keto Thanksgiving, whether you’re a guest or hosting the affair. If you’re wondering just how great it can be, consider this: even stuffing and pie are back on the menu with our keto-friendly Thanksgiving recipes. 

How to Host a Keto Thanksgiving

Hosting—and cooking—for Thanksgiving is the easiest way to ensure you get to fully partake in the feast and stay in ketosis. The best part? The food is so delicious, even non-keto diners will be delighted with your spread. Following are recommended keto recipes for everything from keto turkey and gravy to stuffing and mashed “fauxtatoes.” Just add friends, and you’re good to go! You can also make some of this menu and embellish with family favorites. That way there’ll be enough at the table to allow you to fast and skip the “carbage” without affecting your family’s food traditions. 



Main Course

Side Dishes


How to Enjoy a Keto Thanksgiving as a Guest

Obviously, hosting Thanksgiving gives you far greater control over the menu and more knowledge of what’s in each dish so you can monitor your consumption of what’s keto-friendly and what’s not. But you can still feast like a champion if you’re a guest at someone else’s table. Here’s how:

  • Ask what’s on the menu.

    It’s a lot easier to ensure keto success if you know what you’re walking into and can plan accordingly. If you’re comfortable speaking openly with your host, tell him or her that you’re keto and ask what’s on the menu, including ingredients, so you can know what contains sugar, flour, and other unfriendly ingredients. 

  • Offer to bring a dish or two.

    If the host is serving turkey, you should be in good shape for the entree, but the side dishes and desserts are another story. Maybe there will be a salad you can enjoy, and if you’re lucky, some green beans or other vegetable dishes. But you can ensure you’re covered if you offer to bring a side dish and a dessert. Choose from any of the above recipes, which easily feed crowds.

  • If all else fails: strategize.

    If you aren’t in a position to work with the host or bring a dish, and you still want to attend the dinner, a little strategy goes a long way. You can eat beforehand to ensure you’re not seriously hungry, then search for keto-friendly foods upon arrival (nuts, deviled eggs, meat and cheese platters, turkey, sugar-free and carb-free vegetable dishes) and tuck away a snack and a treat for yourself; it’s much easier to stay on track amid the pressures of aromas and mouthwatering food landscapes if you have treats for yourself.

However you spend Thanksgiving, remember that alcohol can lower your resolve, so be mindful of how much you drink and focus on the company. The most satisfying meal is one spent with people you love. 


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