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Ketosis is basically the very metabolic state that liver breaks down fats in order to produce ketones at any given time. In this case, ketones are the fuel source in regard to ketonic diet. In case you’re new to this kind of diet, you need to understand that ketosis does not only help in metabolism but also physical performance. Additionally, ketones will enhance mental output that helps you to shed extra fats. The main thing is to know how to measure results and this is where ketosis sticks come in handy.


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Accurate Ketone Testing

It is equally important to note and understand the three main forms of ketones in order to know their specific roles and how eventually they affect the end results. In fact, comprehending the finer details of these compounds is highly recommended so that you can measure them at a specific time or in specific circumstances.

These compounds include acetoacetate, acetone, and beta-hydroxybutryate, all of which play different roles in metabolism of the ketones that have been ingested. The important thing is that the compounds can be measured individually, by using specific techniques that have been known to work. Take note that the best way to measure is when they have flowed into different areas of the body like the breathe, blood or urine.

This is why it is vital for you to track your progress irrespective of the ketosis diet you are using. Remember, the more accurate the method is the better it is for you. In all cases, you must consider variables like exercises, specific foods you are using, as well as amounts of food. The best thing is that you can use ketosis strips at home to monitor your progress. As such, you don’t have to spend money visiting labs or other specialist in the weight loss and nutrition field.


Keto-Mojo Ketosis Test Strips

These strips are designed in such a way that color change will determine the concentration of specific compound. In other words, the color variation will change with glucose levels and this will help you understand your risk level. The best way to go about the process is always considering to use meters that have been tested and proven to work. As a matter of fact, this will help control any mishaps that can eventually compromise your health. In fact, the manuals are detailed enough to help you deal with issues that can arise at any given time.  



ketosis strips for ketone testing

It is highly recommended to choose ketosis strips that are accurate and to the point. In most, if not all cases, the higher the ketones your body produces the easier you will reach your weight loss goals. There are exceptions to this fact based on diet and everything related, not to mention different metabolic rates of individual. The principle of using a ketone diet is not dangerous at all as it focuses on low carbs but at the same time helps control sugar levels. If you are diabetic you need not to worry as you can use it to lose weight, too. Overall, this shouldn’t be confused with ketoacidosis which is a condition that diabetic patients might suffer.



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