Panel 2 – Reaching More People in Minority Communities Going Forward


Tony Hampton, MD

Dr. Hampton is passionate about removing barriers to health and equipping patients and his colleagues with the education and resources they need to take charge of their health. He previously served as the medical director of the Advocate Operating System, where he collaborated with clinicians and staff on programs to address social determinants of health among at-risk patient populations. For example, for the Healthy Living program, he develops education around nutrition and weight loss that helps patients set realistic and attainable goals. He is also an ambassador for the program, encouraging his physician colleagues to refer their patients. The same goes for the Advocate Care Center (a place where patients receive multidisciplinary care in one visit), inspiring his colleagues to utilize the Center as a partner to help them manage their patients with multiple chronic diseases and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Hampton has been instrumental in the launch of the Food Farmacy (that’s FARM-acy with an “”F””) at Advocate Trinity Hospital to increase access to fresh, healthy food for patients and community members in need in partnership with the Chicago Food Depository. He is a board-certified obesity specialist, working with patients individually in the clinic and with small groups enrolled in the diabetes prevention program (D.P.P.). As one of only just over 3,000 Board Certified Obesity Medicine Specialists in the United States, he’s been able to use his knowledge to help develop and support programs that reduce the obesity burden.

Dr. Hampton has participated in novel research, serving as the lead researcher for the Merck/Premiere-sponsored trial, where he worked in collaboration with other thought leaders to develop a point-of-care tool to be used by front-line physicians to improve diabetes care using patient data. In addition, he uses his experience as a clinician leader within one of the largest health systems and highest performing accountable care organizations in the U.S., Advocate Health Care, to provide input to all research phases and to guide data collection and management for the project. He is a tireless leader and cheerleader for performance excellence, serving on A.M.G.’s Governing Council, Health Outcomes Committee, and Advocate’s Executive Diversity Council. His current role is Regional Medical Director for the South Region in Chicago. He authored the book: Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes, and is an active blogger on social media. His newest projects include creating more educational videos/interviews on YouTube and starting his Podcast in June 2020 entitled: Protecting Your N.E.S.T. with Dr. Tony Hampton.

To find Dr. Hampton online, go to: Website, Youtube.

Gurpreet Padda, MD, MBA

Dr. Padda is a Medical Physician, Board Certified in Anesthesiology, Addiction, and Interventional Pain. For over 20 years he has practiced in the Urban Core, helping his patients regain their metabolic health. Dr. Padda treats clinical patients at the intersection of the pain epidemic, opioid epidemic, and the diabetes epidemic. They are all inter-related pathologies, the clinical manifestations of systemic metabolic inflammation.

Dr. Padda spends most of his clinical hours dealing with chronic degenerative diseases that are primarily driven by Metabolic Syndrome leading to Metainflammation. Metabolic Syndrome is a form of malnutrition, a malnutrition of excessive energy consumption and toxicity from: Acellular Carbohydrates and Synthetic Vegetable Oil consumption. This malnutrition of excess is aggravated by leaky gut from plant-based chemical defenses. Dr. Padda believes the Standard American Diet has become calorically dense but diluted of protein, minerals, and micronutrients.

Unfortunately, Governmental policy combined with the profit motives of Big-Food and Big-Pharma encourages the consumption of manufactured foods, which may be non-nutritive and promote chronic systemic diseases. This disparity of synthesized food (which contains low nutritional value but high caloric load) leads to caloric overconsumption, energy toxicity, and eventual diabesity.

Addiction behavior is manipulated by dopaminergic modulation by food manufacturers and gamification of passive activities, in the context of individual loneliness. Social media “connectedness” has created a false paradigm of human interaction, leaving individuals in silos of anonymous and self-destructive behavior. Humans are complex adaptive systems, and systematic failure is rarely a single cause phenomenon. Our historical disease models of single cause pathology are inadequate for this new synthesized Universe.

To find Dr. Padda online, go to: Website.

Michelle Hurn RD, LD

Michelle Hurn is a registered and licensed dietitian with eleven years of experience as a clinical, acute care dietitian, lead dietitian in psychiatric care, and outpatient dietitian. While practicing inpatient and outpatient care in the hospital setting, Michelle discovered a disheartening connection between high carbohydrate, low fat, “sugar in moderation,” nutrition guidelines she was required to teach, and the rapidly declining health of her patients.

Michelle is an endurance athlete, and she has competed in 12 marathons. In 2019, Michelle decided to follow a LCHF, high animal protein diet to see if it would alleviate severe muscle pain she was experiencing. Not only was her muscle pain gone in a matter of weeks, her decades of anxiety began to fade. Michelle is the author of the book, “The Dietitian’s Dilemma,” detailing how the current nutrition guidelines came into existence and advocating a low carbohydrate, animal-based way of eating as an option for individuals struggling with diabetes, mental disorders, eating disorders, sarcopenia, and heart disease. Michelle won her first Ultra Marathon covering 44.63 miles in a 6-hour time frame.

To find Michelle Hurn online, go to: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube.

Ede Fox

Ede Fox turned her life around with a ketogenic/carnivore diet. Decades of compulsive consumption of refined carbs and junk food led to obesity, joint pain, rising blood pressure and blood sugar, plus out of control asthma, allergies, and eczema. At 50 years old she reversed all of those conditions, has tons of energy, lost 80 pounds, and most importantly, developed a healthy way of eating that is sustainable for a lifetime. Ede is now on a mission to help others lose weight, end chronic pain and inflammation, reverse disease and get off medications. She runs a carnivore coaching program, a growing Facebook community, hosts a Podcast and a weekly livestream on YouTube.

To find Ede, go to: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

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