From an intimate keto pizza party to a classic steak feast to a fireside fondue, we’ve got romantic keto dinners for you! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, date night, or an anniversary, the following menus allow you to create fabulous dinners that are equal parts keto-friendly, tasty, and doable. Add a special someone and candlelight and you’ve got yourself a perfect keto evening made for amore. 

Pizza in Bed

The only thing better than a pizza party in bed is a keto pizza party in bed (all the indulgence, none of the guilt)! For the perfect bedroom picnic, spread out a tablecloth, add a centerpiece tray with a small bouquet, a bottle of dry red wine, and 2 glasses, and snuggle up with a good movie and the following recipes. Bonus: if you wrap and refrigerate leftover pizza, dress just the portion of the salad you’ll eat, plan on eating just one peanut butter cup each for dessert, and save the rest of everything for later, you have a meal or two for tomorrow as well!

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Steak ‘n’ Potatoes Satisfaction

If your sweetie is a fan of good old fashioned steak and potatoes, you can beeline to his or her heart with this fantastic dinner featuring buttery, restaurant-fancy (but easy) beef tenderloin, a scoop of luscious cauliflower gratin, and a slice of blueberry custard-cake, known to the French as clafoutis (kläfo͞oˈtē). If the occasion calls for a dry sparkling wine or a nice glass of red, so be it.

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Fireside Fondue

The cozy, comfy casualness of a fondue practically begs to be served in front of a fire with a chilled glass of chablis or bubbly water with a wedge of lime. But in truth, it’s pretty great even without a fireplace! If you’ve got a fondue pot and skewers, use them. Or go for a pot and forks or fingers, provided the fondue isn’t too hot. Regardless, eating fondue is an event in itself. That it’s keto and ridiculously delicious, is reason enough to make this your meal to remember. But there’s also this fact: it’s totally romantic to lean over and dip into a little shared pot of gooey cheese while the lights are dimmed and some mood music is playing. Finish strong – with two mugs of epic hot chocolate. Now that’s living.

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Restaurant-Chic Seafood Dinner

If you’re feeling fancy, want to impress without working too hard for it, and are looking for a light meal with restaurant flair, this is the menu for you. Here, simply divine risotto made with cauliflower rice is crowned with buttery scallops and a tuft of frisee lettuce. Yes, it looks fancy, but it also tastes phenomenal. Add a slice of keto-friendly flourless chocolate cake (with bountiful leftovers) and you’re instantly white-tablecloth chic. 

Seafood Dinner Recipes

The Final Word

In truth, there’s no one perfect romantic meal. On a keto diet, the best combination for you is one that you and your sweetheart will enjoy that will simultaneously keep you on track and in ketosis while you enjoy a special evening together. You can follow the suggested menus above, mix and match any of the recipes here, or find your own favorites in our recipe section on Keto-Mojo.com. Just make sure to track your macros as you design your menu portions. 


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