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Your Cloud Connectivity Solution

MyMojoHealth allows you to access your data on multiple platforms. Your data flows from your meter via a Bluetooth connection to our free app and from there on to MyMojoHealth via the cloud. Your data is encrypted and securely stored on our HIPAA-compliant servers and can be accessed through your MyMojoHealth dashboard & healthcare apps.

You can also share your data with your healthcare practitioner so they can monitor your progress and support you when you need it. Talk to your healthcare practitioner about setting up an account for their practice.

My Mojo Health

What can you do with MyMojoHealth?


  • Backup all your readings to our secure cloud server.
  • Access your readings from multiple devices and places.
  • View fullscreen graphs directly on the web.
  • Backup, export and share your data.
  • Connect and view your readings on other popular health apps.
  • Share your readings with your Healthcare provider.

Getting Started

Download the Keto-Mojo APP

Downloading the free app allows you to sign up for MyMojoHealth and sync your readings on the app to your MyMojoHealth account. From there, your readings can be accessed on multiple devices.  The app also automatically calculates your GKI when you take glucose and ketone readings at the same time.  Your GKI results can be viewed in the app and on other platforms when you create a MyMojoHealth account.

How to connect to


Pairing your meter with the app is simple and fast.

Step 1
Take at least one test with your meter.

Step 2
Find instructions for pairing your meter and mobile device here.

Step 3
Register for a MyMojoHealth Cloud Connect account on the app in Account Settings for unlimited secure data storage.

Step 4
Explore some of the app integrations like Apple Health, Cronometer, Carb Manager or Life Fasting Tracker.

Step 5
Access your readings and graphs on your desktop computer by signing in here.

MyMojoHealth Login
Keto-Mojo MyMojoHealth Connections
Connect Your Data With Many Popular Health Apps

Access your Keto-Mojo readings in other popular health apps by downloading those apps and turning on access to Keto-Mojo data.  We have many more integrations in the pipeline!   


Give Your healthcare practitioner permission to access your data

You can give your healthcare practitioner access to your readings so they have real-time data and can provide better feedback. Practitioners can access your data, with your permission, on a MyMojoHealth account or through their electronic health record platform.  Talk to your healthcare practitioner about signing up for a MyMojoHealth account.


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