Hyperlipidemia: Examining the ACC/AHA Guidelines in Relation to Carbohydrate Restricted Approach


Tro Kalayjian, MD

Dr. Tro Kalayjian is a board-certified physician in both Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine, he lost 150lbs to reclaim his health for himself and family. He did it by ignoring much of the conventional medical advice that we have been told. Dr. Kalayjian’s life goal is to get his  patients healthy, prevent disease. and get them OFF of their medications.  He completed medical school at TouroCOM in New York and completed his internal medicine residency and chief residency within the Yale system at Greenwich Hospital.

Dr. Kalayjian has been practicing medicine for 8 years, the last 3 have been in private practice. His practice focuses on tracking patients seamlessly and remotely with smart-devices, including scales, blood pressure cuffs, wearable technology and continuous glucose monitors. His practices focuses on de-prescribing medications and using lifestyle, diet and exercise to improve the course of disease. Dr. Kalayjian’s personal weight loss story began at childhood. He grew up obese, in an obese family. He has personally dealt with the deep emotions and feelings involved with being overweight for most of his life. “I have dealt with the same issues that many of my patients face, which affords me the capacity to empathize with them and guide them in a special way. This connection is why my patients are successful in their wellness journey, because I am not preaching from some Ivory Tower. I lived through what my patients live through, and I have experienced what they are experiencing. In order to heal myself, I studied for countless hours through medical literature, researched thousands of papers, read hundreds of books in order to find the answer, for myself, to the ever important question: Why are we fat? And what I found during my journey and research was in such stark contrast to what we have been told. Eating multiple small meals DOES NOT speed up your metabolism. Fruit Juices ARE NOT healthy. Red Meat, Fish and Full-Fat Yogurt ARE healthy.”

Dr. Kalayjian believes if most physicians and nutritionists can’t get it right, why do we expect anything different from our patients? Are we surprised that obesity epidemic has exploded? What patients may not realize is that most physicians DO NOT have sufficient training in nutrition and can’t help you lose weight or reverse disease. Furthermore the food industry and special interests have made it so hard to understand what a healthy lifestyle really is. Ultimately, Dr. Kalyjian finds he is best able to serve his patients because he understands what it is like, has been through it, and helps his patients every step of the way. He succeeds when they succeed.

To find Dr. Kalayjian online, go to: Website, Facebook, Youtube, InstagramLinkedIn.

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