Tips for Ensuring Testing Accuracy

There are many factors that affect home ketone and glucose testing. Knowing what they are will help you get the most accurate results.


Why and When to Test Glucose and Ketones

When you first start a keto diet, it’s helpful to test your ketone and glucose levels regularly to ensure you’re in ketosis, identify any trigger foods that may be adversely affecting your glucose and ketosis levels, and get some positive encouragement.


What should my ketone level be? Ketone Chart

Here you’ll find a ketone chart that identifies optimal levels of ketosis based on your goals.


What should my glucose level be? Glucose Chart

Maintaining healthy glucose levels is important for optimal health. Here you’ll find a guide to understanding low, optimal, and dangerous level of glucose.


What do “Lo” and “Hi” ketone meter readings mean?

Our meter read ketones from from 0.1 mmol/L to 8.0mmol/L. If you have a reading outside this range, you will get a “Lo” or “High” reading. Find out why, here.


Comparing Results with Different Meter Brands

Learn why different meters may give slightly different results as well as different results between lab tests and meter readings.


What strips are compatible with my Keto-Mojo meter?

Only Keto-Mojo strips can be used with a Keto-Mojo meter, and similarly, only use the Keto-Mojo meter with Keto-Mojo strips.


Do Keto-Mojo Glucose and Ketone Strips Expire?

Learn when your glucose and ketone strips expire.


Tips for Getting Better Blood Flow

Testing is a skill and dialing in your technique to ensure you get a good blood sample may take some trial and error. These tips should make it easier.


Alternative Site Testing (AST) for Blood Draw

Although fingers are the most common place to draw blood for glucose and ketone testing, you can test on your palms, forearms, upper arms, and above the knee.


What Is GKI?

The Glucose-Ketone-Index (GKI) is a ratio between glucose & ketone measurements, and an important bio-marker for your metabolic health and level of ketosis.


Does Vitamin C Affect Blood Sugar?

What is vitamin C? Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that humans must get from food or dietary supplements since it’s not made by the…


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