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Do Keto-Mojo Glucose and Ketone Strips Expire?

  • Last updated November 21, 2017

Strip expiration for the GK+ model (US) and GKI Bluetooth integrated model (Europe)

Keto-Mojo testing strips for the GK+ and GKI meter are good for 24 months from manufacture date. Strips are packaged in individual foil pouches for enhanced sterility and preservation.

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Strip expiration for the TD-4279 and Bluetooth integrated model

(sold primarily in the US)

Keto-Mojo testing strips are good for 18 months from manufacture date (printed on your strip vial and box) or 6 months from the time you first open the vial, whichever is sooner. To ensure accurate results, use testing strips before they expire.

To ensure that you do not get an expiration error code on your meter, make sure you meter is set to the correct date and year. To learn how to reset you date and year, watch the Quick-Start Settings video here.

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