Eberstein, Jacqueline, R.N.

Jacqueline Eberstein began working with Dr. Robert Atkins as a staff nurse in 1974. At the time of his death in 2003 she was the Director of Medical Education at The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine. Her experiences were wide ranging including the education of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nutritionists on the principles and protocols of the Atkins Lifestyle and Complementary Medicine. She contributed to a number of Dr. Atkins’ books, newsletters and Atkins: A Passion for Healthy Living magazine. She lectured at trade shows, designed and presented the Atkins At Sea low carb cruise program and other community events. She was a guest and frequent host on “Your Health Choices”, Dr. Atkins syndicated radio show.

Following Dr. Atkins death in 2003 she functioned as the Director of Nutrition Information at Atkins Health and Medical Information Services, a division of Atkins Nutritionals. While there she co-authored Atkins Diabetes Revolution. She began consulting in 2005 on all aspects of the Atkins Lifestyle and Complementary Medicine. Today she is Director of Care Protocol for HEAL Clinics where she and Dr. Eric Westman created HEALcare® – a guided low-carb ketogenic program for safe weight loss and the remission of type 2 diabetes without medication. She continues to lecture, write and consult both nationally and internationally on the low carb philosophy. She is regular attendee and lecturer on The Low Carb Cruise. For more information about HEALcare visit: www.HEALclinics.com.

To find Jacqueline Eberstein online, go to: Website.


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