The Carnivore Diet: Lessons From the Field


Shawn Baker, MD

Dr. Shawn Baker is an athlete, a father, and a proponent of the carnivore lifestyle.

Some notable achievements;

  • Bachelor Of Arts University Of Texas At Austin – Biology 1989
  • Doctor Of Medicine Texas Tech Health Science University – 2001 (Graduated With Honors)
  • Completed 5 Year Orthopedic Surgical Residency – University Of Texas 2006
  • Chief Of Orthopedics – Kirtland Air Force Base
  • Chief Of Orthopedics – Luke Air Force Base
  • Chief Of Orthopedic Trauma – Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan 2007
  • 600 Surgeries Lead
  • Surgeon Of 12 Provider Orthopaedic Surgical Group Private Practice until 2016
  • Nuclear Weapons Launch Officer USAF X 5 Years
  • Distinguished Graduate US Air Force Officer Training School
  • Nuclear Weapons Combat Commander of the Year – 90 Operation Group
  • 1996 Luke Air Force Base Air Force
  • Athlete Of The Year 2010, Semi-Professional Rugby, Cambridge, New Zealand (played in Waikato Premiere League and faced off against several New Zealand All Blacks)
  • Selected All US Air Force and combined Military Services Rugby Squads
  • All Western USA Rugby Select Side, Texas Rugby Select Side.

To find Dr. Baker online, go to: Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.

Books & Other Material By This Speaker

The Carnivore Diet

The Carnivore Diet reviews some of the supporting evolutionary, historical, and nutritional science that gives us clues as to why so many people are having great success with this meat-focused way of eating. It highlights dramatic real-world transformations experienced by people of all types. Common disease conditions that are often thought to be lifelong and progressive are often reversed on this diet, and in this book, Baker discusses some of the theory behind that phenomenon as well. It outlines a comprehensive strategy for incorporating the Carnivore Diet as a tool or a lifelong eating style, and Baker offers a thorough discussion of the most common misconceptions about this diet and the problems people have when transitioning to it.

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