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Frequently Asked Questions - U.S.

Can I use my HSA or FSA account to purchase a Keto-Mojo meter?

In most cases, you can use HSA and FSA tax deferred funds to purchase a Keto-Mojo meter. Learn more about it here.


Contact Customer Support-United States

We have an outstanding customer support team that’s eager to help you, and we have four fast and easy ways to connect with them.


Do you accept health insurance?

In most cases, your healthcare plan should cover the cost of your blood glucose and ketone meter. Learn more here.


Are Keto-Mojo meters FDA certified?

You can be confident that Keto-Mojo meters meet all FDA and international standards of accuracy and manufacturing.


Military Discount

Keto-Mojo is pleased to offer a 15% discount on all meter kit purchases to all active duty, veterans, and dependents of our military.


Founder’s Club

Membership has it’s benefits. We’ve thanked the early supporters of Keto-Mojo with membership in this exclusive loyalty club.


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