Founder’s Club

  • Last updated March 30, 2023

What is the Founder’s Club?

The Founder’s Club was created to reward early supporters of Keto-Mojo in our first year of business. Anyone who purchased a TD-4279 meter kit from www.keto-mojo.com and registered with us prior to 2/16/2019 was automatically made a member!

Can I join the Founder’s Club?

The Founder’s Club was closed after our first year of business.

I am part of the Founder’s Club and need strips for the TD-4279. What do I do? 

We no longer sell strips for that first-generation meter but we have a generous Trade-Up option that allows you to trade-in your TD-4279 meter for the newer GK+ meter at no charge to you if you also purchase a box of combo strips 

Click the link below for detailed instructions on how to trade-in your TD-4279 meter and trade-up to the new Keto-Mojo GK+ meter: 


*The link above is for US-based customers. Please get in touch with Customer Support at support@keto-mojo.com if you are located outside of the USA for international Trade-up options.  


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5 reviews

  1. I am in need of glucose test strips. Do you still sell them?

  2. Do I need to enter anything to ensure the guaranteed price of .99 testing strip? Does the system automatically identify me as a member? It didn’t appear on the check out page. It looked like the sale price was the same as the Founder’s Club discount.

  3. I’m a founder but it looks like you don’t even sell the strips anymore. Very disappointing.

  4. i am a founding member with the original. i need glucose strips. can i still get them?

  5. I purchased my meter as a preorder on 08/10/17 and was a member of the founder’s club (Pre-order #1630). But when I try to reset my password on the website I get a message that my email is not found. Help! I would like to take advantage of my Founder’s discount but can’t. Thanks in advance.


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