Do you accept health insurance?

  • Last updated November 19, 2017

Insurance Coverage

If your healthcare plan covers diabetes meters, the Keto-Mojo meter should be eligible for insurance reimbursement because the Keto-Mojo meter is an FDA-approved Class II medical device for self-testing of blood glucose and ketones in regard to Type 1, Type 2, gestational, and pediatric diabetes.

We do not bill insurance directly, but if your plan covers the meter you can submit an invoice for reimbursement.

If you made your purchase on the Keto-Mojo website and you require a detailed invoice for reimbursement, please contact us through Facebook Messenger or email us at support@keto-mojo.com so we can assist you.

Medicare & Medicaid

At this time, Keto-Mojo products are not on the Medicare and Medicaid formulary of covered devices. We are working on an application, although we understand the application process can take quite a bit of time.

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