Rebel Creamery Ice Cream is proof that we’re now in the golden age of the ketogenic diet. Until recently, it was impossible to find store-bought ice cream brands catering to the keto community; “diet-friendly” brands either had questionable ingredients, contained sugar, were very high in protein, or contained no fats. But thanks to Rebel Creamery, we can now walk into an everyday grocery store and pick up a pint of 100-percent keto-approved ice cream!

About the Company

Rebel Creamery was founded by Austin and Courtney Archibald of Heber City, Utah. The couple loved ice cream long before they went low-carb, then decided to create an ice cream that would afford them the opportunity to enjoy their favorite treat and stay in ketosis. After months of tests and working with food scientists, they developed their deliciously creamy, low net-carb ice cream.

How It Tastes

Being solidly keto-friendly means nothing if the product doesn’t taste good. Fortunately, Rebel Creamery’s flavors are by far the best tasting “diet” ice cream we’ve tried. We’re huge fans of the cookie dough flavor; it’s a hard one to reproduce low-carb. The vanilla, chocolate, and peanut butter fudge are awesome too. Regardless, you won’t find a chalky or granular texture often present in “healthier” ice creams in the same price range; the fats ensure the mouthfeel is super creamy. (For the best experience, follow the label’s directions and leave the carton out at room temperature for 15 mins prior to eating to soften the ice cream.)

Rebel Creamery Ice Cream Scoop

Ingredients List

We know what you’re thinking: Yeah, right, delicious and truly keto-friendly ice cream. We had the same reaction, so when we found it in the grocery store, with “KETO” written right on the label, the first thing we did was look at the ingredients. 

Check out the simple chart (courtesy of Rebel’s website) comparing some of the leading ice creams on the market to Rebel’s.

Rebel Ice Cream Facts

Notice the ingredients list; it’s good enough to make even the most stringent keto police happy: cream, erythritol, chicory root fiber, and monk fruit to sweeten (monk fruit sweetener is a low-glycemic sweetener known for little to no effect on blood glucose levels). 

The ingredients are all common and easy to pronounce; there are no hidden, confusing, or questionable ingredients; and people with nut allergies will be happy to know that Rebel Creamery makes two nut-free flavors, too (vanilla and chocolate). 

The company currently makes fourteen flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookie dough, peanut butter fudge, mint chip, butter pecan, coffee chip, salted caramel, cookies & cream, triple chocolate, cherry chip, black raspberry, coconut almond swirl!

About the Macros

Even though Rebel Creamery is made from keto-friendly ingredients, too much of a good thing can negatively affect macros, so we took a look at the macros in Rebel’s various flavors to see how theirs stack up. 

The flavor with the highest amount of net carbs is peanut butter fudge at 7.6 grams net carbs for–wait –a whole pint! So with a ½ cup suggested serving, you’re looking at about 2 grams of net carbs. The same flavor has 170 calories per serving, 3 grams of protein, and 16 grams of fat. That’s a FANTASTIC protein to fat ratio. And the high-fat content ensures that a ½ cup serving will be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and be satiating. 

How It Affects Blood Sugar and Ketones

As we always do when we try a new product, we put Rebel Creamery to the test, testing our base ketones and glucose from a fasted state with a Keto-Mojo meter, eating the ice cream, then testing two more times to see how it affected our ketosis. As you can see from our results below, we found no cause for alarm when indulging in Rebel Creamery ice cream. The peanut butter fudge showed the largest “spike” in glucose, but it was marginal, and our ketones actually ended slightly higher than our baseline. This means this ice cream gets our keto-safe stamp of approval.


*Testing was done one flavor per day over the course of a week to allow a day in between. 

The Final Word

Two Keto-Mojo thumbs up for Rebel Creamery. It’s delicious, made with keto-friendly ingredients, allows for generous serving sizes, and has perfect keto macros. Plus, our Keto-Mojo meter agrees with our stomachs. This will be a staple at Keto-Mojo HQ!

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