Blood pressure, cholesterol, and swollen joints all down + I lost 40 lbs!

May 19, 2023

Before and After images of Daniel Terry who lost 40 poundsHow long have you been doing keto?
4 months

What motivated you to start keto?
High blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetic, swollen legs and joints.

What benefits/successes have you experienced?
All of the above-mentioned motivators are reversed plus I lost 40 lbs.

What was the hardest part?
The first week or two of no carbs.

What were the keys or top tools to your success?
Consistency. Staying on it long enough to allow my body to adapt to fats and meats and detox from carbs and sugars.

Did you measure your ketones and/or glucose and if so, how did that help you?
Yes, and it shows me what level of ketosis I’m in and what takes me out of ketosis.

What’s your favorite keto recipe? Please provide a link if available.
Broccoli butter and steak, lol.

What tips or words of wisdom can you share?
Understand that you are not your body, it’s just the house you live in and you control the body not the other way around.

Source: Daniel Terry

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