Hopeless to Health: Creating Sustainable Change in Under-Served Communities


Georgina Guillén

Georgina holds a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona, Spain and an MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Public Health. She worked as an intern for The Noakes Foundation in 2017 and now she is currently a PhD Candidate at the Division of Physiology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She is part of the Eat Better South Africa’s research team and her study is a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate the Eat Better South Africa intervention program on components of metabolic syndrome on women from South African under-resourced communities.

After working in community pharmacies and public hospitals in Spain, USA and Peru, she realized the need of a nutritional approach to chronic disease. Georgina is passionate about gender inequality, women’s rights, nutrition, public health and diet-related diseases. Her research career is focus on understanding the social determinants that affect women’s health in low-income communities and how to bring low carbohydrate diets into those areas to treat metabolic diseases.

Georgina believes that through Eat Better South Africa programs women are empowered and consequently, the wider community is influenced by virtue of their position in the household. She advocates for a whole food based diet, low in sugar and refined carbohydrate that supports better and more affordable food solutions in these communities to address the impact of chronic disease.

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Jayne Bullen

Jayne believes research in healthcare needs better funding and strong minds. Since joining in 2015 as COO, she has grown The Noakes Foundation into one of the key research funders in South Africa, an entity that is changing the way the nation eats. After realizing the dichotomy between brand research budgets and human health research, she decided to leave the corporate research world and took the leap into medical and biological research to bring her experience in big biz research into new areas to affect change to human health. She is the Chief Operating Officer of The Noakes Foundation where she established Eat Better South Africa alongside inspiring colleagues and Prof Noakes.

Most recently she has lead the process and creation of the Nutrition Network: a platform that trains medical professionals in low carb/LCHF practice. Jayne is an MBA, High Dip in Marketing and International Relations graduate. She began her career taking products into Africa and researching local markets in the West and East African block and later moved to the UK to read for an MBA at Leeds University, later conducting Pan European media research and stragey evaluation. She is also a Movement Medicine Teacher, a Mind Body Medicine Practitioner and a mom.

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