Doug Reynolds & Pam Devine of Low Carb USA

Meet Doug Reynolds & Pam Devine

May 28, 2019

Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine are founders of Low Carb USA, a platform for scientists, entrepreneurs, and the medical community to share their research surrounding the low carbohydrate and ketogenic lifestyles. 
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Dave Feldman of Cholesterol Code

Introducing Dave Feldman

May 06, 2019

Dave Feldman is a software engineer by trade, and a researcher by nature.  He’s the author of the website The Cholesterol Code where you’ll find him challenging some of the conventional wisdom on lipidology.   
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Dr. Nasha Winters

Meet Dr. Nasha Winters

April 26, 2019

Dr. Nasha Winters is a CEO, best-selling author, naturopath, and oncology specialist. She shares some of her insight into naturopathic oncology with us for our spotlight feature this month.
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Lauren Berryhill, aka Keto Coach Lauren

Meet Keto Coach Lauren Berryhill

March 07, 2019

Lauren Berryhill is a keto health coach who lost over 100 pounds and overcame a life-long struggle with food addiction and binge eating. We asked her to share her story and tips for success.
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Deana Karim & Good Dee's Keto baking mixes

Spotlight on Deana Karim

November 30, 2018

Mixing it up with keto and kids. The creator of Good Dee's Low Carb, Sugar- Free Baking Mixes shares her approach to integrating her keto lifestyle and business into her family life.
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Eric Cameron on Keto

Eric Cameron

September 21, 2018

This month we hear from a cardiology provider on how keto has effected his life both professionally and personally. From losing over 50lbs himself to advising his patients on implementing a ketogenic lifestyle and debunking some cardiology myths, this spotlight has us intrigued!
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keto coach

Spotlight on Denise Lockbaum

August 09, 2018

This month we hear from a Keto health coach named Denise Lockbaum that has a particular interest in the health of your metabolism and gut microbiome. If you are looking for a few tips for beginners then you will enjoy this spotlight!
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Spotlight on Karee Keyser

Spotlight on Karee Keyser

June 26, 2018

While keto is known for being a great way to lose weight, not many know of the amazing benefits that go along with it when it comes to exercise, competitive sports, and maintaining your goal weight.
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Spotlight on the Williams Family

Spotlight on the Williams Family

May 09, 2018

Each month we focus on people that have made an impact on the ketogenic community or used the diet to make a notable difference in their lives. This month we give you a family that has lost over 200lbs collectively!
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