Making a keto-friendly trail mix is not easy, since most traditional ingredients are carb heavy. But Keto Farms designed their Keto Farms Keto Snack Mix to provide all the satisfaction of a trail mix-type treat without the carbs. Clean and nutrient-rich, this grab-and-go snack consists of nothing but a combination of seven high-quality, low-carb friendly ingredients, which are listed below. It’s also conveniently packaged in a three-serving tearaway/resealable bag for easy transport, making it the perfect snack to keep in the car, bag, or cupboard for moments you need an energy boost. It’s also a great topping for high-fat yogurt.

About the Company

Keto Farms is a company dedicated to making clean foods for healthy keto living. Founders Ben Knox and Brandon Mackie started Keto Farms after following a ketogenic diet themselves and finding it hard to find snacks they could trust that didn’t contain added sugar. Together, they’re dedicated to making delicious, keto-approved, natural, and convenient snack products.

How It Tastes

Keto Farms Keto Snack Mix comes in three flavors: raspberry gouda, strawberry gouda, and tomato pepper-jack. Of the three, the raspberry gouda is our favorite because the raspberries give the snack mix a hint of naturally sweet flavor, which, combined with the gouda and sprouted nuts, provides a full flavor profile. This snack mixes have a nice combination of textures too, from the softness of the dehydrated fruit to the crunchy nuts and cheese puffs.



As with all keto foods, it’s all about the ingredients and macros, and Keto Farms Keto Snack Mix does us all right by focusing on healthful, quality ingredients in well-balanced proportions.

Ingredients List:

  • Raspberry Gouda: Gouda cheese, sprouted almonds, sprouted walnuts, raspberries, MCT oil, cold water, sea salt
  • Strawberry Gouda: Gouda cheese, sprouted almonds, sprouted pecans, strawberries, MCT oil, cold water, sea salt
  • Tomato Pepperjack: Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeno peppers, sprouted almonds, sprouted walnuts, grape tomatoes, MCT oil, cold water, sea salt

Ingredients Highlights:

Some of the best ingredients in this product are the sprouted nuts. Sprouted nuts are created by soaking raw nuts in water to activate their enzymes, which are otherwise typically inhibited. This process is thought to allow for better nutrient absorption. Sprouted nuts are also a superior nut choice because they aren’t roasted in pro-inflammatory vegetable oils like most nuts are.

Although fruit is typically high in carbohydrates and avoided or at least limited on a ketogenic diet, raspberries and strawberries are lower-glycemic and lower-sugar fruits, which is why they’re generally approved in moderation on a ketogenic diet.

Keto Snack Mix also provides high-quality fat through MCTs, one of the best fats on a ketogenic diet.

Serving Size/Macros Per Serving

A pack of keto snack mix includes 1 cup of the mix, and a serving is 1/3 cup, which means there are three servings total in each package. While it would be easy to eat the entire bag at once, it’s easy to stay within your macros and feel satisfied once you’re used to the keto diet and no longer getting intense carb cravings. However, take a look at the macros below and you’ll see that if you ate the entire package, it would amount to about as much as one meal.

Total number of servings per package: 3
Serving size: 1/3 cup

Macros per serving:

  • Calories: 170
  • Protein: 10g
  • Fat: 12g
  • Carbohydrates: 6g
  • Fiber: 3g
  • Net carbohydrates: 3g

Note that the macros are the exact same for all three flavors.

How It Affects Blood Sugar and Ketones

The ingredients are clearly keto-friendly, but how they impact blood-glucose and ketones is the true indication of how keto-friendly this product is. We put this to the test by consuming two servings of Raspberry Gouda Keto Farms Keto Snack Mix in the morning while in a fasted state, then checking our blood glucose and ketones periodically for two hours afterwards. Although we only tested the Raspberry Gouda, the macros are exactly the same for all three flavors so the results should not differ between the three unless you have a particular sensitivity to an ingredient that is in one and not the other.

You can see from the chart above that eating Keto Farms Snack Mix lead to a 12 mg/dL increase in blood sugar, and that’s not a bad thing. Here’s why:

  1. We consumed two servings, which will create a greater fluctuation than consuming one serving.
  2. Even the most keto-friendly meal will increase blood glucose to some extent, and 12 points is an acceptable increase.
  3. Our blood sugar returned to close to baseline in two hours.

The impact on blood ketones was modest, a .5 mmol/L dip at 60 minutes, and returned close to baseline after 2 hours. Considering that blood sugar and ketones returned close to baseline within two hours, this product passes the Keto-Mojo test.

The Final Word

Keto Farms Keto Snack Mix is great for anyone who needs access to quick snacks while on a ketogenic diet, and the resealable bag makes it especially great for taking the snack with you wherever you go.

Keto Farms Keto Snack Mix passes our test. Not only are its ingredients high quality, but they also taste great together and keep you in ketosis, which makes them a fantastic choice for keto-friendly snacking.

Shop for Keto Farms Keto Snack Mix here.

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