Starting the ketogenic diet means cutting carbohydrates, eating low-glycemic foods, and giving sugar the nix. But while it’s easy to cut out obvious “carbage” foods, like rice, bread, sugar, and wheat, sometimes unwanted ingredients can sneak into your diet through ready-made and packaged foods and cause blood glucose spikes. Take a burger for an example. If you skip the bun and just go for the meat, you’re on the right track. Add cheese and bacon and you’re still in good keto form. But one generous squeeze of everyday ketchup could rack up the carbs, not to mention the sugar. Why, you ask? Have you ever read the ingredients on a ketchup bottle to see how much added sugar and carbohydrates there are in a single serving? If not, consider this: a 1 tablespoon serving has 5 grams of carbs with 4 grams of sugar! Luckily, more and more alternatives are coming into the marketplace, including the condiments of Guy Gone Keto.


Guy Gone Keto makes a line of delicious, keto-friendly condiments that can help keep you stay on track and in ketosis while you enjoy the foods you love. Their wide variety of condiments include BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce, steak sauce, Thai chili sauce, and, thank goodness, ketchup!            


All of the sauces use a “KetoSweet+” sweetener which is a combination of allulose, stevia, and monk fruit. This specific blend worked perfectly, as there was no “weird” aftertaste associated with the sugar substitute blend that is often cited with keto sweetened products. One of our favorite “additions” to the sauces is MCT oil or extra virgin olive oil. While not a significant source of fat, it is a good use of good fats versus the processed oils often added to sauces and marinades. From an ingredients perspective, Guy Gone Keto didn’t skimp.

How They Taste

Good news here. The Guy Gone Keto sauces did a good job of mimicking their high-carb counterparts in taste and texture, with no “weird” aftertaste from the sugar substitutes, even though there is a kiss of sweetness to them. The ketchup is a bit smokey and less sweet than traditional ketchup brands. The Thai chili sauce, our favorite of the bunch, has a nice sweet and spicy flavor, perfect for summer cookouts (try it with grilled shrimp). 

Guy Gone Ketosis Condiments

The Glucose & Ketone Test

How do the Guy Gone Keto Sauces stack up to our rigid testing protocols? To accurately test the effect of these sauces on our ketones and glucose, we only tested one sauce a day. We ate each sauce in a fasted state, in single-serving portions, all by itself. This allowed us to see the effects the sauce had on both our glucose levels and ketones. So, what happened?

As you can see in the graph below, our ketones remained within 0.1-0.3 mmol of our preprandial ketone tests. Glucose test results were a bit more varied, although none of the sauces resulted in a drastic glucose spike and our glucose dropped down to preprandial levels in all cases. This is very good news for anyone who loves to dip meats into a sauce or reach for a convenient condiment.  

Where to Buy

Interested in trying these sauces? Easy-peasy! Guy Gone Keto products can be found on Amazon, as well as the Guy Gone Keto website. The ketchup is a bit pricey compared to its traditional counterpart but the other sauces are comparable to their high-carb versions. When you consider that many of the ingredients are better quality, sugar substitutes don’t negatively affect the flavor profile, and the convenience of being able to BBQ, dip, and top your favorite meals with keto-friendly sauces that you didn’t have to make from scratch, it’s worth it. If you buy the Guy Gone Keto Starter Pack, you save a little money and get to try each one of their sauces, too.

The Final Word

Guy Gone Keto sauces are worth the try. 

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