T1D Inspiration: Running the Alps on Keto

February 16, 2021

Exercise can be tricky with Type 1 diabetes, and we never cease to be amazed and inspired by the T1D athletes pushing the limits of what we might have thought was possible.

When Natalia Román López first perceived the symptoms of acute hyperglycemia that would eventually lead to her diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes, she was high among the peaks and glaciers of Northern Italy, on a 10-day backcountry skiing trip. And just weeks after her diagnosis, she was back in the mountains again—on an even more remote trip.

“I don’t feel that now, after Type 1, I have any limits that I didn’t have before.”

I first met Natalia Román López on a diabetes forum dedicated to low-carb diets; she was discussing her approach to the Tour de Monte Rosa, a 170km (~105 mile) race up and down the mountains of Switzerland. Frankly, I think that anyone that can compete in such an event is extraordinary—but doing it with Type 1 diabetes is something else entirely.

Natalia has started a new blog named Permanent Movement to document some of her exploits. It’s a must-read for me, with details on her glucose management decorated with her photos of untracked alpine beauty. She hopes to “tell a story that mixes endurance mountain sports, very-low-carb nutrition, and Type 1 diabetes.”

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