Atlantic Highlands Friends Launch the Original Keto Coffee Company

December 02, 2020

After switching to a ketogenic diet in 2018, John De Robbio set out to create a tasty keto-friendly coffee. Now he’s teamed up with Atlantic Highlands restauranteur Michael Krikorian and Richard Marrin to sell it to others.

Frustrated with the lack of keto-friendly cold brew coffee on the shelves, John De Robbio took the problem into his own hands. Experimenting with different nut milks and vegetable milks (yes, they exist!), De Robbio joined forces with Michael Krikorian and Richard Marrin to blend the perfect keto friendly latte—for people who follow the very low-carb, moderate-protein and high-fat diet.

Now, the three men are proud partners of the Original Keto Coffee Company based in their hometown of Atlantic Highlands. Currently brewing out of a restaurant owned by Krikorian, the partners’ fresh cold brews are not meant for a long shelf life, and aren’t packed with sugars and preservatives.

“There’s a lot of innovation that went into the process,” said Marrin. “There’s something special about keto.”

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