Bhu Keto Bites Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

March 02, 2021

Yes, we said cookie dough. As in individually wrapped squares of melt-in-your mouth dough-like treats that are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and boast 0 net carbs per 25-gram serving. 

In truth, they’re not exactly like cookie dough. They’re more like if halva and cookie dough had a baby: light and almost flaky, but then buttery, or rather palm-oily, with sweet, mild cookie-dough flavor and a kiss of pecan, which is the primary ingredient. 

One pouch of Bhu Keto Bites Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough comes with 6 individually wrapped cookie dough bites, which is fine, because one is plenty. 


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