Bell’Agio Chianti

December 13, 2020

Bellagio ChiantiChianti is located in the Tuscany region of Central Italy, about an hour from Florence. Its hot summer days are moderated by chilly evenings, which create lean, balanced wines. Chianti is typically 70-100% Sangiovese, blended with other indigenous grapes, such as Trebbiano and Malvasia (both white!).

When you put your nose to the glass, you’ll be stuck with tart cherry, dried violets, and pizza spice (think oregano and basil). On the palate, you’ll get flavors of pomegranate and raspberry. It’s light in body but rounded out by an earthy meatiness.

Perfect with just about all things Italian, including tomato sauce and cured meats, Chianti’s vibrant acidity makes it a versatile choice.

We love that this Bell’Agio Chianti comes in at about 0.7 grams residual sugar (RS) per glass (4.5g/L), and is typically lower alcohol between 12-13%.

It can be found at most supermarkets, as well as most online wine shops and it’s a super value at $10-12.

Fun Fact: You don’t see them too often in the states, but the traditional straw covered chianti bottle is called a “fiasco.” 

Source: Keto-Mojo

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