Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Great Keto Gift Ideas for Dad

Updated: May 13, 2022

Whether Dad loves cooking, gadgets, the keto diet, or all three, we’ve got you covered on keto-friendly gifts for him for Father’s Day. Beware, however. These Father’s Day gift ideas are so awesome and so helpful for everything from keto recipes to BBQ to supporting keto foodies and everyday foodies, you may want to also get them for yourself! Another bonus: some of the items in this gift guide are available on Amazon, so you can order them at the last-minute and still get them in time to celebrate Dad on his day!


1 Heavy Duty Smoker Apron

Heavy Duty Smoker Apron

Help Dad dress for grilling success with this thick and handsome adjustable canvas cooking apron! High-fat cooking never looked so smart!

Price $59


2 Beer Can Chicken Roaster Rack

Beer Can Chicken

If Dad likes grilling and chicken, he’ll love this gadget that works in the oven or on the grill! Bonus: it comes with four vegetable spikes so he can cook veggies at the same time! Talk about an awesome keto gift!

Price $24.99


3 Burger Press

Burger Press

For the burger- and gadget-loving father, look no further than this adjustable nonstick burger press. It’ll ensure Dad’s patties look pro every time! 

Price: $29.95


4 Oura Ring

Oura Ring

Biohacking dads love this smart ring that allows Pops to follow his heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, activity, and sleep and get real-time health-data scores to help him harness his body’s potential every day.

Price: $299


5 The Perfect Spatula


If Dad likes to grill or pan-fry, he’ll flip for this sleek, well-designed, stainless-steel spatula. Smaller than gargantuan versions for easier maneuvering, durable, and made in America, it’s an agile 11 inches long (with a six-by-three-inch spatula face), available in six super cool handle colors, and perfect for burgers, keto and gluten-free pancakes, eggs, and more.

Price: $99


6 Food Dehydrator and Air Fryer in One!

Food Dehydrator

The art of dehydrating or air-frying for keto recipes and keto snacks is effortless with this nifty double-duty gadget by GoWISE USA. Perks include the ability to bake, roast, and even rotisserie (!); five drying trays (Hello, affordable and sugar free beef jerky!); adjustable dehydrating settings; touchscreen display; extra-large cooking capacity; two recipe books (air-frying and dehydrating); and lots of cooking accessories.

Price: $139.50


7 Bacon Bonanza

Bacon Bonanza

Dad will get his bacon fill and then some with this sensational stash of paleo bacon shipped directly to his door. From Wellshire Farms, this 16-pack of cured, gluten- and sugar-free dry-rubbed bacon can be enjoyed pronto or frozen for future bacon enjoyment.

Price: $68.53/16 (8-oz) packages


8 Stylish 7-inch Nakiri Kitchen Knife


This handsome, 7-inch, Japanese-steel knife boasts ergonomic design, an octagonal African rosewood handle, and clad dimples for easy food release while slicing or dicing meat or vegetables.

Price: $49.99


9 Cast-Iron Keto: 75 Low-Carb One Pot Meals for the Home Cook Cookbook

Cast Iron Keto Book

Does Pops like to cook? Give him one of our favorite keto cookbooks! Loaded with lip-smacking, totally doable recipes that are low on carbs and high on flavor, ketosis-inducing opportunities and equally mouthwatering photos, Cast-Iron Keto makes keto cooking exciting and easy.

Price: $21.99


(Want to add substance to your gift? How about a cast-iron skillet to go with it?)

10 Keto-Mojo GK+ Meter

Self-promotion? Yes. But for good reason. The Keto-Mojo GK+ meter is the top-rated blood glucose and ketone testing meter on the market. Use it to measure whether you’re in ketosis and just how much in ketosis you are! Plus, it includes Bluetooth connectivity and a free app for uploading and tracking your readings, affordable testing strips, and epic customer service. If Dad wants to track and refine his keto game, this small device is essential.

Price: $44.99


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