9 responses to “GK+ Meter Kit Manuals”

  1. The machine keeps reading E-U and this does not show up in your trouble-shooting guide.
    Please help

  2. Nothing on how to use the APP? I’m trying to figure out how to get my GKI to show up on the app after taking my glucose and ketone tests. I have the GK+ monitor

  3. You really need a way to delete readings from the meter. Such a simple feature. Very Disappointing that you don’ seem to support this. Not even an FAQ to say that you dont support it, which causes user much grief looking for the answer and compounds the disappointment further

  4. I have a problem with the device .. As soon as you put the keto tape measure, and as soon as you put the blood drop, the device turns off and then gives an error .. I have to use three or four tape measures until I get one reading. Annoying thing

  5. When I used the glucose strip, it gave me a reading of 460 mg/dL and says KETONE. What does that mean?

  6. I was looking on how my wife and i can use the same device and sync our results to out phones individually from the meter . .this isnt covered very well . .at all really in your guide

  7. I need recycle instructions but I cannot find them on the website. I tried to search, but that function is not working.

  8. I need to learn more about the display. The battery flashes so I assumed the batteries didn’t work. Also, I don’t get the same things on my display that the how to video shows.

  9. I am unable to sync my GK+ device to import readings. I get the “Link with Keto-Mojo” pop-up screen on the app and I hit the “Sync device” button and it searches but it shows a Connection error…try again. I have tried numerous times, rebooted, and reinstalled, etc., but no connection. Ideas?


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