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Using Your Ketone Urine Strips

Ketone Testing Accuracy: Urine vs Blood

Acetoacetate (AcAc): When glucose is no longer available as a primary source of fuel, fat is broken down by the liver into fatty acids, which are…


How Do Ketone Urine Test Strips Work?

Keto-Mojo Ketone Urine Test Strips are for single use, at home self-testing. The test strips are used as an aid to check for ketones in urine. …


How Do I Perform the Ketone Urine Test?

To perform a midstream test:  Gently wash the genital area thoroughly with soap and water then rinse well prior to testing. Wash your hands.  Remove the…


How Do I Interpret the Ketone Urine Test Results?

The color blocks on the  vial are used to read the results by comparing the test pad color to the blocks on the chart. Match…


When and How Often Should I Test with the Ketone Urine Test Strips?

When is the best time to test for ketones in urine?  You should perform the test if you think you are likely to have higher…


What Should I Do If I Think I Performed the Ketone Urine Test Incorrectly? 

If you think you performed the test incorrectly, you can:  Check ‘Use By’ and ‘Opened’ dates for the strips. If ‘Use By’ date has passed…


How Should I Store the Ketone Urine Test Strips? 

Store in a dry place at 36-86 °F (2-30 °C). Do not freeze. Keep out of direct sunlight.  The strips should remain in the closed…


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