How Do I Interpret the Ketone Urine Test Results?

  • Last updated October 5, 2020

The color blocks on the  vial are used to read the results by comparing the test pad color to the blocks on the chart. Match the color of the test pad to the closest color block on the color chart. The color blocks represent approximate concentration  values of ketones in your urine.  The color blocks move from left (light color) to right (dark  purple) with increasing concentrations of ketones.

  Urine Ketone Color Chart

I keep getting negative results. Does that mean I’m not in ketosis? 

A negative result means that ketones were not detected in the urine. This is normal if your carbohydrate intake is too high or if you are eating a low-carbohydrate diet after several weeks and have become fat-adapted. Once you’ve become fat-adapted, your body is more efficient at using the ketones you produce and may no longer spill into your urine, even if you are in ketosis. 

What does it mean if my results are positive?   

Normal urine results following a Standard American Diet (SAD) generally will not have any ketones present. A positive ketone level in urine is called ketonuria, which can occur in the following instances:

  • When a person is on a very low carbohydrate diet. 
  • As a result of fasting, dieting, starvation, eating disorders, high protein diets and isopropanol ingestion. 
  • When diabetes mellitus is out of control. 
  • Ketonuria may be noted in normal pregnancy. 

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30 responses to “How Do I Interpret the Ketone Urine Test Results?”

  1. Explain what a the numbers mean. This is not a very user-friendly app because it says hook up to your monitor and if you only have your and strip test you don’t want to Bluetooth hook up to a testing device. Also it does not tell you where to track your urine strips

  2. I want to know what number I should be at. Is 80 good enough? Or do i need to be at the very highest value to lose weight

  3. If you are in the dark color 160/16 what does that mean. Is that a good thing or should I watch out on what I am eating/drinking?
    Thank you!

  4. I would like to see an analysis of each color block on the chart and details as to what range is healthy.

  5. Okay, so is the only significance whether you are in ketosis or not – based on whether you see a positive result or not? If so, why do you have different concentration ratings? What do *those* **mean**? For example, if I am darker purple, or higher concentration, does that mean I am burning more fat? Or does it simply mean I drink less water?

  6. Hello
    Am I correct to assume beige is negative and dark purple is positive?
    There is no ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ indicators other than in you literature. The only chart is the color block chart and no explanation of what each color means.
    There are numbers under the color blocks.
    I would like to know what the numbers under the color blocks indicate please.
    I’m really so surprised there is no explanation!
    Thank you for your reply!

  7. Tell me what it means when the color matches the chart. I matched with the 40/4.0. What does that mean???

  8. Have no way to determine what your level should be from stupid strips. You do not provide that info anywhere.

  9. I am on keto and it continuously shows 0.5 when I use them. It never goes darker. Do these even work ? I barely eat ANY carbs so why is it not darker ??

  10. What the hell the numbers mean and where I should be!!!! Duh!

  11. I want to know what level i should strive for being on a keto diet.

  12. After matching the color, what does it mean? I am assuming 0 means no ketone were found but what is the goal number? 160 mg?

  13. Please tell us what the actual number mean. What range is ketosis? What range is good? What range is too high? Thanks

  14. I want to know where I should be based on how long I’ve been following a ketogenic diet. What is ideal? What tells me I’m not low carb enough?

  15. I don’t know what the color means. If I want to be in Ketosis, should I be towards the darker shades. It’s not explain the box.
    Thank you

  16. I am trying to understand what the correct range is that I want to be in while on the keto diet.

  17. How do I know what each color means? How do I know if I’m in ketosis?

  18. I am on a low carb diet and I have been using the urine test strips every day and it keeps going to the same med pink. Does that men I am in ketosis? The bottle doesn’t say what that means. There is no explanation of colors on package or app.

  19. What are positive and negative results? All I see are corresponding numbers

  20. So what color should I get when in Ketosis? Very light or very dark? You don’t provide this information

  21. Hi, My ketone levels have consistently measured dark purple since I purchased the strips. I started the keto diet and intermittent fasting about a week ago. Is this normal?

  22. There are five increasing stages of ketones present on the urine test strips color alignment. What is the difference of interpretation between these various levels?

  23. Please be more definitive. While YOU are experts, and “know” this info as if it was 2nd nature…. most of us are “newbies”. Some new to Keto for losing weight—while others of us are fighting for our lives…. against Diabetes.
    Example: I read elsewhere that readings over 60 (6.0) and “into the darker purple” was BAD. Since I’m using KetoMojo strips, and was at 160 (16.0)—I came here to look. All I basically got was 0/no color means ‘NO KETONES’ + Any other variation = ‘Ketones present’/the darker, the more. “The END”. NOTHING about what different levels mean, what’s going on, is there a “danger/too much of a good thing” area….. if so, when is it crossed.
    A little more info/explaining would go a LONG WAY!!

  24. It doesn’t interpret the results. I am at 4.0 mmol. Am I in ketosis?

  25. just tell me what color on your chart and what mg/dl I should be at for Ketosis I am reading at 40 mg/dl or 4.0 for mmol/l

  26. You didn’t explain what the different colors mean .


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