Doing our Part to Improve the Health of the Planet

April 21, 2021

Celebrating Earth Day this week serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it. At Keto-Mojo, we’re dedicated to doing our part.

That’s why we launched our recycling program back in October 2020.  At that time, we released an upgraded Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter Kit and a way to offer our customers a safe, environmentally conscious solution for the disposal of their previous generation meters. We needed a solution that would also comply with HIPAA regulations for the destruction of customer’s personal medical information stored on the original meters.

Within the first five months of launching our recycling program, we’ve been able to prevent 13,000 pounds of e-waste from going into landfills. In addition, 6 tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases have been avoided, and over 600 batteries were quarantined for environmentally responsible recycling.

We hope to incorporate even more initiatives to improve the environmental footprint of our company and will continue to explore ways to improve the health of the planet, just as we strive to improve the health of the people who live on it.


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