Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life is the book to turn to if you’re struggling to commit to the ketogenic diet or just want a comprehensive resource on the best way to get started on a keto lifestyle. Here, author and personal trainer, Drew Manning, pairs inspiring scientific discoveries on the benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle with a personalized 30-day program to eliminate any uncertainty about entering and sustaining ketosis. Along with concrete facts and tips, the New York Times best-selling author of Fit2Fat2Fit includes emotional support and practical guidance ranging from meditation to meal prep in order to ensure keto success. 

About the Author

Famously known for his Fit2Fat2Fit experiment, personal trainer, Drew Manning, went viral when he gained and lost 75 pounds, so he could relate to the plight of his weight loss clients. On his highly publicized 2011 journey, which led to his first book, Manning became a guru in all things keto, and continues to follow the diet today. He not only leads a large social media community and a keto podcast that provides regular support to new and seasoned keto dieters, he also maintains a network of clients.

What’s Inside

Complete Keto is true to its name. A 300-plus page, comprehensive exploration of the keto lifestyle, it thoroughly covers the ketogenic diet basics and how to best tackle the intimidating transition through food and lifestyle. 

The book defines the ketogenic diet, along with debunking myths, breaking down macros, and outlining the benefits of keto from Day 1 to Day 30, and beyond. It includes delicious and nutritious recipes ranging from Drew’s Phat Coffee (his take on Bulletproof Coffee) and the Keto Flu Killer (an infused electrolyte drink) to keto-friendly salads, scrambles, and steak plates. So as not to leave anyone out, Manning offers modifications and meal tips for vegetarians and vegans. It even includes a recommended fitness plan complete with exercise demos and the importance of positive affirmations and meditation. 

What You’ll Learn 

Drew Manning is a master at keto hand-holding. His guidance is, in a word, wholehearted. In Complete Keto, you will learn how to kickstart the diet in 30 days (which begins and ends with a 24-hour fast). Following his 30-day keto jumpstart, Manning breaks down the different maintenance modes (targeted, cyclical and intermittent keto), while encouraging readers to keep keto in their lives, however they see fit. Anyone who joins Manning’s program will learn that employing the ketogenic diet doesn’t just help you lose weight, if that’s your goal, but also that it improves brain function, mental acuity, physical energy and overall wellness, all of which are often unknown benefits. 

What We Like

The book is laced with positive testimonials and before-and-after photos of Manning’s clients, which provide realistic visuals of his commitment to the diet, and his one-on-one work. Manning’s conversational tone throughout the book is positive, informative, and relatable. He also recommends what we know to be true: that blood testing is the gold standard for testing ketones and blood-glucose. Plus, his voice evokes trust, while his quippy jabs and pop culture references inspire a few chuckles along the way.

Room for Improvement

Although this book covers the gamut, there is one important topic that could use some attention: keto women and menstrual cycles. Often when beginning keto, a woman’s time of the month is impacted. While this topic is not discussed by Manning (he does briefly cover pregnancy, nursing and hormone imbalances), it’s important to note that the dietary changes associated with keto can have a direct influence on a woman’s monthly menstruation; while not necessarily worrisome, it helps female keto dieters to know this tidbit, so they’re not surprised if major cycle changes temporarily occur. 

The Final Word

We highly recommend Complete Keto as a reliable and trustworthy resource for people eager to get into a ketogenic lifestyle as well as those on the fence. This guide will convince you, with confidence, through scientific facts, of the benefits of the diet and a concrete plan for success.

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