What would you give for a warm, delicious, buttered roll with your next meal? Most ketonians give up bread (at least bread that actually resembles bread) in order to live the keto way of life. But the Unbun gives you the opportunity to once again enjoy the taste and texture of bread, only without the usual high carb count. 

The Unbun, which comes in the shape of a burger bun, tastes like bread, smells like bread, and even has bread-like texture, albeit a bit lighter and springier. The flavor reminisces multigrain and is more like wheat than white bread. Use it for a burger or sandwich or heat it in the microwave, then slather it with butter and you’re in for a died-and-gone-to-heaven moment! 

Large and filling, Unbuns come four to a pack and are keto, paleo, grain-free, and gluten-free. There is also a vegan version. They’re slowly finding their way to grocers across the US but are always available on the Unbun Foods website, where you’ll also find Unbun Baguettes (which come two to a pack, are the size of a large sub roll, and have the same texture and flavor of their bun-shape keto bread) and Unbun pizza crust. 

The Unbuns open a whole new world of delicious creations that are limited only by your imagination.

About the Company

Unbun Foods is a Toronto-based company founded in late 2017 by Gus Klemos out of his one bedroom condo. Tired of the sad (and sometimes nonexistent) options for the special-diets crowd, Gus decided to make a better option. From the start, his Unbun fit not only the gluten-free diet, but several others as well, including a ketogenic diet. 

In its first two years, the company quickly grew to serve more than 1,500 locations, including Loblaws, Metro, Whole Foods, The Burger’s Priest, and Erewhon. Of course, it also moved to a larger operating facility. 

The Unbun Foods mission is simple: to give people that follow low-carb, paleo gluten-free, grain-free, and plant-based diets the option to still enjoy their favorite restaurants, chains, fast food and meals at home without compromising taste or quality of dining experience. 

All their products are keto, paleo, grain-free, and gluten-free.  

How They Taste

Unbun rolls are simply the closest thing to real wheat flour-based breads we’ve sampled. They are, in a word, delicious. The texture is a little spongier than traditional breads and you cannot squish the bread to make it thinner; it bounces back. But the flavor and integrity of the bread sets it apart from any other keto-bread brands. There is a definite sweet smell to these rolls, but it is barely discernible in the taste.  There is no off-flavor or aftertaste that lets you know you are eating a substitution. We dare you to serve these at your next family dinner and see the reactions. We suggest you have enough on hand for the requests for more than one, although each roll is very generous in size and more than filling. One serving really is enough.


All Unbun Foods ingredients are acceptable for keto, paleo, grain-free and gluten-free diets and avoid sugar, preservatives, and chemical binders/gums.  

Full Ingredient List: water, almond flour, egg white, flax, coconut flour, psyllium, whole egg, apple cider vinegar, paleo baking powder (cream of tartar, salt, sodium bicarbonate).

Serving Size 1 Unbun (85g)

Nutrition Facts: Calories: 240 / Fat: 15g / Total Carbs: 17g / Fiber: 12g / Net Carbs: 5g Sugar: 2g / Protein 10g

How the Unbun Affected Blood Sugar and Ketones

When we review a product, we also test our blood glucose and ketones before (fasted 2-3 hours) and after we eat it to see how it affects our test results. The Unbun passed the test. In fact, in our experience, our ketones even went up! The chart below shows the results:

Unbun - Keto-Mojo

The Final Word

Unbun Foods’ keto buns get a big thumbs up from Keto-Mojo. They taste and feel like bread and are great for burgers or sandwiches. 

Shop for your unbuns HERE



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