How to use the Lancing Device in your Keto-Mojo GK+ Meter Kit

Published: October 1, 2020

Mister Mojo here, and I’m going to take you through using your lancet device. We have the spring loader here on the back. We have the trigger, which is just here, boom, like that. We have the depth selector here and the cap at the top. This is a single-use lancet, which will go into the lancet device. We’re going to cover that in a moment. Let’s take off the top by twisting it. You’ll see the gray area is going to come off. We’ll do that one more time to show you. To take off the top, you just twist it like that, and inside is the receiver area for the single-use lancet. Let’s put that in, like so. It just pushes in on the top and then you’re going to twist off the safety tab right there. Put it to the side because you’ll need that a little later.

You’ll place the cover back on by twisting it on and you’ll see a depth selector here. This one is set at number three, kind of like the Goldilocks zone for me, for my skin, but you might want to go shallower or deeper, and you can adjust it by turning the tab. You can adjust the depth on your lancet device, one being the shallowest for delicate skin, or if you’ve got manly hands, you can use five for thicker skin, just by turning the dial, like so. I like three, that’s my Goldilocks zone. To start, we will pull back the spring loader, we will place it on our finger, ready to fire, and then we just press the button on the side. Now once we’ve conducted our test, we need to safely dispose of the lancet. Twist off the top, use the ejector on the side by sliding it up, the lancet will come on out like that, and then you use your top that you’ve saved from before to save the lancet, and now you can dispose of it properly. You can dispose of it properly into a sharps container like this, which you can get in any pharmacy in the United States.



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