Delannoy, Peter, PhD

Dr. Peter Delannoy is a PhD biochemist with 28 years of teaching experience now turned Keto Coach. His journey began when he was diagnosed with prediabetes. He spent several months struggling with the medical establishment all the while watching his testing numbers become worse.

Through research he found his way to low-carb high-fat eating and his numbers changed for the better. His natural teaching abilities and keen scientific interests coalesced into a coaching company that he started with his daughter Tanner to help people reverse diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. With Ketonic Revolution formed he has never looked back. His approach to the reversal of chronic disease is by direct intervention, education and offering meaningful resources to his clients and the worldwide public. Dr. Delannoy is a Nutrition Network Advisor with additional certifications through Nutrition Network. He is also a course designer and author, and a speaker who advocates for the LCHF lifestyle whenever and wherever he has the opportunity.

To find Peter Delannoy online, go to: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.


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