Low Carb and it’s Synergistic Allies in the Management of Heart Disease


Christian Assad-Kottner, MD

Dr. Assad-Kottner is an Interventional Cardiologist who has a deep interest in the application of Lifestyle Medicine to prevent and reverse disease. He is the Director of The CardioMetabolic Clinic in RGV Cardiology, McAllen Texas. In addition to his passion for Lifestyle, he has a deep interest in the incorporation of technology to improve healthcare. He was one of the first MDs to utilize augmented and virtual reality in the healthcare setting. He and his team were the first to show proof of concept of Tele-Mentoring procedures via augmented Reality Glasses (Google Glass).

Dr. Assad-Kottner is also a pioneer in the incorporation of Virtual Reality in the Healthcare setting making his own recordings and videos with personally modified equipment at the time which later led him to work with JauntVR and experiment with proof of concept of Virtual Reality in Medical Education. Dr. Assad-Kottner also has award winning research done in The Methodist DeBakey Heart Center regarding Heart Failure where he discovered a strong presence of Anti-Cardiac Antibodies in the failing myocardium. He is a former faculty of Singularity University where he became a Co-Founder of a TeleHealth platform aiming to democratize healthcare around the world. Since he started his practice in McAllen Texas, recently named the most obese city in the United States, Dr. Assad-Kottner became frustrated in regards to the health issues affecting a majority of the population at his current city; for this reason, he decided to modify his approach in care from Intervention to Prevention. Instead of focusing on sick-care he actively focuses on Health-Care aiming to prevent the catastrophic complications of Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular disease.

To find Dr. Assad-Kottner online, go to: Website, Twitter, LinkedIn


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