Integrative Approaches to Breast Cancer Prevention & in Adjuvant/Metastatic Setting – Case Studies


Wafaa Abdel-Hadi, MD

Right upon graduating from Kasr Al-Ainy faculty of medicine at Cairo university in Egypt, and finishing her masters degrees in clinical oncology, Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi fulfilled her life-long dream of treating people by researching and implementing a combination of conventional and unorthodox scientifically validated practices to enhance the outcomes and quality of life of her patients.

After 13 years of rigorous clinical oncology practice at the leading cancer treatment center in Egypt and in collaboration with Institute Gustave Roussy in Paris, Dr. Wafaa decided to establish AWARE clinic, the first-ever foundation for Functional Medicine Awareness & Prevention in the Middle East and Africa, in April of 2014 where she acts as CEO of the clinic.

She is now pursuing her new career and passion in Functional Medicine in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine, IFM, USA. She works with her patients to encourage positive lifestyle modifications, as she is a firm believer in following reliable methodologies and individualized protocols. Each patient’s circumstances are uniquely different and should be treated specifically to meet their own needs.

Throughout her career and academic inquiries, she has intimately analyzed the metabolic approach to cancer with Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, which has allowed her to apply metabolic methods to treat various diseases effectively in addition to cancer.

Dr. Wafaa is the first certified Functional Medicine Doctor in Egypt and the Middle East. She is also a certified international health coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, IIN, USA, which empowers her to closely establish the confidence and empathy needed to work with her patients.

In 2013 she completed the Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Course from the University of California and the Community’s Educator Program, Support Group Program, and Course for the Core workshops associated with the Global Initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness in collaboration with Susan G.Komen Foundation, Texas, USA. She was also a member of the Executive organising committee in the 9th Pan Arab Cancer Congress (PACC) in 2009.

Dr. Wafaa has also been invited to speak at international conferences where she lectures audience on her extensive research and treatment of oncology, including the Great Lakes Virtual Conference hosted in the United States, the 3rd, 4th & 5th Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference, in Ireland, the Integrative Medicine Meeting, IMM, in Rosenfeld, Germany to name a few.

When she is not overseeing the day to day business activities of AWARE clinic, Dr. Wafaa enjoys spending her time volunteering by providing free education lectures during disease awareness months such as the Early Breast Cancer awareness month and has actively participated in lending her services to the Liver Transplant unit at the St. James University Hospital in Leeds, UK and free health campaigns for orphaned children in Egypt.

In the future, Dr. Wafaa hopes to expand the accessibility of Functional Medicine in Egypt and the Middle East to provide world-class treatment options and education to the region and around the world. Dr. Wafaa anticipates a future where chronic disease epidemics, including cancer, are alleviated in the global population and is excited to participate in the medical advancements made in her medical field every day.

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