iPhone iOS: My Keto-Mojo Meter won’t sync

  • Last updated February 1, 2019

Here are the suggested steps for troubleshooting Keto-Mojo sync issues:

Are you running iOS version 12 or higher?

The Keto-Mojo Classic app is supported on iOS version 12 or higher. Please check to ensure you are running a supported version.

You can check this in your iPhone settings:

Is Bluetooth turned on?

Please check that Bluetooth is enabled. Sometimes Bluetooth can become disabled when the iPhone enters/exits ‘Do not disturb’ mode or ‘Airplane’ mode.

Have you inserted the correct adapter?

For meters using the Bluetooth connector, make sure you are using the correct adapter. The Bluetooth connector looks similar to the calibration strip or code key that comes with the ketone test strips. Please ensure you have not mistakenly inserted the ketone code key:

‘Force-quit’ the Keto-Mojo app

Many common issues can be fixed by performing a ‘force-quit’ on the Keto-Mojo app. This essentially reboots the app. To perform a force quit, simply double-tap the home button and then ‘swipe up’ to force quit.

See this article from Apple if you are unsure off the process.

Reboot iPhone:

If the ‘force-quit’ process above did not help, please restart your phone and try to sync again.

Faulty Bluetooth connector:

If you have inserted the Bluetooth connector into your meter and the blue light on the connector is not illuminating, you will see the message below. This may indicate a faulty Bluetooth connector. Please contact us at support@keto-mojo.com for support on this issue.

Delete and re-install the app

As a last resort, you may need to delete the Keto-Mojo app. It is important to remember to perform a full data backup before removing and reinstalling the App (see below for instructions). You will lose your data that is not stored on the meter if the backup is not performed.

After deleting the app, restart your phone, download the latest version of the Keto-Mojo Classic app and perform a sync.

If none of the above resolve the issue, please contact us at  support@keto-mojo.com.

How to perform a data backup

  1. Make sure to downloaded the free Keto-Mojo Classic App if you have not already done so.
  2. Sync your meter to the Keto-Mojo Classic App.
  3. Save your data in the App Settings. You can locate this cogwheel in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Sign up for MyMojoHealth Cloud.
  5. This will successfully store all your readings to the free HIPAA-compliant cloud server.



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67 responses to “iPhone iOS: My Keto-Mojo Meter won’t sync”

  1. App is not finding the device, I followed all steps indicated to resolve the issue and it still says searching for device. I dont want to delete the app as I will loose all my history/data

  2. I would love it if a chat function was available so someone could help me with syncing my device. I received (2) emails saying I missed calls from you, but no missed calls were in my log and no voicemails left. Really disappointed.

  3. This is very frustrating. Device will not pair. I push the side slide up for 3+ seconds and nothing happens. Have restarted app, phone and device

  4. The Bluetooth on my meter worked the first time I used it. Have not been able to get it to work again. I exhausted all of the trouble shooting tips. I have the Bluetooth 4.0 integrated monitor

  5. There was no Bluetooth adapter in my package.

  6. When I login it tells me to verify my email from the email you send but I don’t get an email. Im very frustrated!!!

  7. hi,

    the meter doesn’t show in discoverable Bluetooth devices (whilst other devices do) and the keto-mojo app keeps quitting when prompted to sync.
    My iOS is 13.7.

  8. I have the newer Keto mojo meter with built in Bluetooth. I went to sync today and it won’t sync. The little Bluetooth light isn’t even coming on the device when it’s on. The app just keeps searching. How do I troubleshoot that without having to retest?

  9. I have had my keto mojo for awhile. I would sync. Haven’t used it in awhile but now it won’t sync. Tried things on the web site did not work.

  10. Keto Mojo GK+ is no longer connecting to my iPhone which is running version 14. I did hard set on app. It used to connect but does not even recognize the machine ( mojo) currently.

  11. The device won’t sync even after deleting and reinstalling the app, & powering off the iPhone. Not sure what else to do. It just stopped working last week.

  12. My NEW GK+ is not syncing. I have tried all of the above.

  13. Dear Customer Support,

    I wish to delete some readings from the device’s memory. But with the app I only managed to delete the readings stored in the app. Thus whenever I sync all the old reading come back. I can’t seem to find any information about this topic. I would be extremely grateful if you could help me to a solution.

    Best wishes,

  14. Since the last iOS 14.1 update the app fails to sync. It seems to be having difficulty in deciding which model of GKI meter it needs to sync with.

  15. How to synchronize the data from meter to application is not explained anywhere. The old meter I finished my testing and pushed sync on the app and 2 tests were downloaded. This is not possible with the new model, but there is no explanation on how to do it. Being there are 88 frowning faces and 12 smiling on did this answer your question, I can’t be alone in my confusion.

  16. The issue is the with the monitor, not the app on my phone. I’m trying to find how to turn the bluetooth of the monitor on. Seems like it should be more intuitive, either the function or at least finding help. both are way too difficult.

  17. I don’t want to watch a half of dozen smiley feel good videos. I just want to be able to make the blue light blink on my meter so I can sync with my phone. I tested earlier and I didn’t have my phone nearby to sync. How do I force a sync?

  18. This info is about the old meter, which I didn’t need since it was easy setup. I have followed the instructions on the new meter and the iPhone (ver 14.2) will not recognize the meter.

  19. The app continually states “we still think you are a robot” and will not allow me to even select images to prove I’m not one! I cannot log in or even register my new meter. I have done a hard reset on my phone and it still does not work.

  20. My GKI is not showing up on my app. Also, my device won’t sync unless I activate blue light, even if I have device on

  21. New meter is not transferring over the results to my app

  22. call me….only parts the app are not working 3039417282

  23. After I did the sink on my iPhone app. It showed 16 data points were transferred. However the data is not showing up on the app.
    I cannot get any summary information or read any of the values. The readings and the trend pages are blank. I even deleted and reinstalled the app twice

  24. Give trouble shooting steps or a phone number this is useless

  25. This is a major flaw. Will there be a fix for this? I don’t want to delete my app and lose my data every time.

  26. buenos dias , los datos que pasan al telefono no los puedo visualizar para acceder al indice GKI
    tengo q calcularlode manera manual .

  27. The advice in this site is not operated for the new Keto mojo dual monitor system which has Bluetooth 4.2 integrated
    GK+ blood glucose & j]ketone dual monitor]ing system

    Bluetooth problems persist and there are no solutions listed here for self support

  28. I still can’t got my iPhone to pair with my new monitor. I have done all the troubleshooting suggested. Please help

  29. I did everything suggested and it still will not sync. This time I got a message that my “device is blocked” and to contact customer service.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  30. directions for my trade in say to synch my old meter. I dont have a bluetooth dongle. Help

  31. I reached out to the support email hoping to resolve a monitor that isn’t offloading all data, despite monitor saying it has.

  32. My situation is that the synch starts… And at two seconds in it stops synching and says zero data uploaded.

  33. I can’t seem to set up an account. It gets stuck on the password though my password follows all the requirements – 8 characters, one capital, one special character and one number. But it takes me back to the password

  34. keto mojo GK+ all of a sudden not syncing. tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Using current IOS 14.5. the bluetooth Icon on the device is blinking as normal, bluetooth is turned on.

  35. I bought a mojo for my brother and he has an android. Can’t get it to sync

  36. hi, I have an account with Keto Mojo, however, it won’t let me log in on my phone with my email and password. It says email and/or password is not valid. Please help. Thank you

  37. Not everything is Apple. Bluetooth won’t connect for my Android S21+. I see it listed as a device but has to use app to connect. Using app to sync never finds it. This is for the GK+ device.

  38. I manually entered my keto level incorrectly as 1.3 but should have been 1.8. I want to delete that reading as it throws the trend off. How do I do that!

  39. data doesnt sync. performed all recommended steps

  40. I tried all the above in this article, my phone will still not connect to device. When I bought the device a year ago, I didn’t have any problems. I didn’t use it for about 11 months and now I can’t get it to connect. Does the classic have issues with connecting now? And the keto-mojo doesn’t seem to go to bluetooth mode. I don’t see the blue light anymore.

  41. I have the older keto mojo and I am not able to connect to Bluetooth. Do I need a Bluetooth adapter? If so, where do I get one? Thank you.

  42. The “full sync circle is stuck at just short of a quarter way through….then the meter turns off – “device disconnected”…frustrating!

  43. My GK+ monitor has stopped pushing data to my iphone app (keto mojo classic – fwiw, i don’t see any other keto mojo app in the store). It connects and says it’s syncing, but says there were 0 readings imported. This has been happening for ~4 days. I’ve force-quit the app multiple times, rebooted my phone, confirmed the date range is correct. I changed the number of readings saved from 1500 to 2000 in the app settings. Any other tips?

    Fwiw, I care more about getting it to calculate my GKI than syncing – but I don’t think the keto mojo device itself will do that calculation – it just gives me the ketone reading and the glucose reading. If I could get the GKI from the device, I wouldn’t need to sync since I don’t really care about historical data. Is there some button-pushing combo that gets me the GKI on the GK+ itself?

    Also, for the “iphone won’t sync” help page, the info on iphone device and ketomojo device actions seems dated (no mention of gk+ version, either).


  44. I don’t think i ever got the Bluetooth adapter. How can I set this up?

  45. Can’t you please list the brand names of the lancets that work with this meter? Thinking that they work isn’t going to cut it. The supplies for diabetes are expensive and once they’re opened, there’s no returning them.
    Plus, my meter didn’t come with the bluetooth so it doesn’t work with the Virta program. Bad marketing & programming considering this is a popular diet program.

  46. I tried these options but my app still can’t find my device

  47. my meter won’t sync ,It did at first but won’t now I purchased through Amazon I reset abdication to no avail

  48. Hi
    my app keeps saying
    “Synchronization problem. Unexpected MyMojo Health Cloud Connect synchronization error occurred. Please try again later” How can I dice this ? Previously it was still capturing my readings but today it didn’t.

  49. my meter keeps showing an E11 ERROR MEASAGE with or without a test strip in. can’t test

  50. Cannot synch keto mojo to iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 14. Followed your reset procedure to no avail.
    Blue light flashes on Bluetooth connector. But app cannot find device. Meter times out.

  51. Meter will not show the Bluetooth icon when I push the button (??)

  52. The app is not responding. I can not get it to initially boot up. The only way I can think to fix the problem is uninstalling and reinstalling it. I’m hoping that the information in my iCloud backup will be able to restore all of my previous Keto Mojo readings.

  53. The IOS app no longer opens! What’s the deal? Upon tapping the KetoMojo icon, the white, circular indicator just keeps circling and circling, but never actually opens the app. The whole reason I bought your meter was b/c it synced with the app which told me if I was in ketosis, etc. Are you going to fix this? Or are you abandoning the app? Serious questions. Please respond

  54. The app no longer works, so I can’t back up my data. Cannot sign into Mojo Health either due to inactivity. No way to log-in.

  55. I am not impressed with your app and it’s ability to sync with my husband’s iPhone 8 running iOS 15 nor am I impressed with its syncing ability with my iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 14.8 soon to be iOS 15. Specifically it now will not let my husband sign in on his phone but we can sign in to https://auth.us.mymojohealth.com/login online so there is nothing wrong with the user name and password we are using. Please advise. If you want me to delete the app and reinstall – been there and done that!

  56. I am not impressed with your app and it’s ability to sync with my husband’s iPhone 8 running iOS 15 nor am I impressed with its syncing ability with my iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 14.8 soon to be iOS 15. Specifically it now will not let my husband sign in on his phone but we can sign in to https://auth.us.mymojohealth.com/login online so there is nothing wrong with the user name and password we are using. Please advise. If you want me to delete the app and reinstall – been there and done that!

  57. it connects and says it’s syncing, but says there were 0 readings imported

  58. Can’t sync with the app. Tried clearing cache, reboot phone, then deleted reinstalled app. Still can’t sync. Running Android on Pixel 3xl

  59. Meter has reached 995 readings , i have to reinstall to download any additional readings but at the end of the download continues to state 995 readings downloaded. I have downloaded many readings through reinstall and the meter records them but doesn’t count the readings . The meter continues to say 995 downloads and will not synch with out a reinstall. I complained about this issue in the past still not resolved


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