Live it to Lead it – Beyond Women’s Wellness

Cancer can be the biggest challenge we face in our natural health clinics. We can fix that. We handpicked the most prominent cancer centers in the United States and Mexico to show you what alternative cancer treatments are working and why.

Fasting and Ketosis

You’ve heard conflicting information on the virtues of ketosis. Learn the latest science regarding fasting and ketosis as exercise and performance aids, as well as super catalysts for healing and weight loss from leaders in the field.

You understand the risks and hazards of heavy metals. But the most commonly used detox methods can amplify the problem. Learn the ve steps that actually rid cells of dangerous heavy metals. We’ll also cover the new heavy metal and chemical subluxation threats that may soon be branded as the plagues of the 21st century.

Stem Cell Therapy
The Miracle of Stem Cell Therapy Practice Integration Strategy. Stem Cells are Not Science Fiction, they are Biology. Learn from top medical doctors integrating Stem Cell therapy in their office for pain, anti-aging and healing.

Cellular Healing
Your patients look to you for diet and nutrition counseling. Science shows one of the greatest nutritional healing strategies is based upon what you don’t eat. Intermittent fasting may be the most important discovery in anti-aging and hormone optimization.

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