This month’s spotlight focuses on a person in the health coach industry, educating and implementing the Ketogenic Diet in the lives of her clients. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term “health coach” it is a term used to describe individuals that provide a supportive role in helping one to implement healthy lifestyle and behavioral changes. Some of the services offered by health coaches are meal planning, education, support, and exercise recommendations.

While there are no education standards required to be a health coach, many often have degrees in nutrition, biology, or other healthcare related fields. Look for health coaches that share similar ideologies as yourself and respect your overall goals so that they will be able to mentor you and assist you in reaching them. It is important when working with a health coach or making any dietary changes, that you consult a healthcare provider and work in conjunction with them to ensure your overall health.

Denise is a health coach in addition to being a Pilates instructor for the past 20 years. She has been following the Ketogenic Diet for the past two years and implementing and teaching the diet as a lifestyle change for the past year with her clients. Through private and group instruction, Denise educates her clients on integrating the ketogenic concepts into their lives to promote health. In addition to educating her clients on the Ketogenic Diet, Denise is also a big advocate of gut health and implements further education on caring for your gut microbiome.

What about the ketogenic diet drew you to it?

I was drawn to the ketogenic diet after reading Travis Christopherson’s book called Tripping over the Truth. Knowing that a ketogenic diet is steeped in science is truly what drew me to this lifestyle.

How long have you been using the ketogenic diet personally as well as professionally?

Personally, I have been on the ketogenic diet for 2 years. In my business, I have been implementing the ketogenic diet as a lifestyle change for 1 year. I coach the ketogenic diet as a “Way of Life.” I use a multi-faceted approach; using nutritional ketosis, addressing digestion and elimination, as well as the gut microbiome. I use the Keto-Mojo meter to confirm that my coaching clients are in nutritional ketosis. My program is a compilation of many experts in the industry, both doctors and researchers. On January 8th, I launched a group training session, and one client, who suffered from lifelong migraines, has not had one since starting this Way of Life. Another client, being six months into the program, has lost 51 pounds. There are too many testimonies to list!

What is your number one tip for someone looking to start keto?

Hire a coach! But also focus on making this a lifestyle change.

Being an advocate of a healthy gut, what are some foods you would recommend?

Some great foods to include in your everyday diet are avocados, apple cider vinager, low-carb low-sugar yogurt, sauerkraut, and dandelion greens.

Do you track ketones and blood glucose? If so how often and how has this impacted your keto journey?

Absolutely! I track my ketones and blood glucose multiple times a day! This helps me understand what is going on inside my body and helps me fine tune my dietary intake to optimize ketosis.

What is your favorite keto recipe?

My favorite keto recipe is cauliflower fried rice:
Heat a bag of organic riced cauliflower in a pan, add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil, two cloves of minced garlic, a quarter cup of shallots, two stalks of scallions, two eggs (well beaten), organic soy sauce, and Braggs liquid aminos.

What’s one common misconception about the keto lifestyle that you hear often and how do you react/educate others on this?

One misconception that I often hear is that the keto diet is similar to the Atkins diet. I like to emphasize the importance of eating superfoods paired with healthy fats, and consuming protein sparingly on the ketogenic diet versus a low carbohydrate high protein diet like the Atkins diet.

Keto-Mojo enjoys seeing real people in the community spreading the word on a healthy ketogenic diet! We in no way endorse the program of any one health coach and always recommend that you work in conjunction with a trained healthcare provider to ensure that all dietary and lifestyle changes are the right fit for you and your overall wellness.


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