June 01, 2018

by Kassey Cameron

If you’ve been following or looking into the ketogenic diet, then you are likely familiar with MCT oil. For many, it is one of the most essential components of bulletproof coffee.  For others, it is a nice addition to other beverages that they want to increase the fat content of with the added benefits of ingesting MCT.  MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride.  Essentially, it’s a saturated fatty acid comprised of 6-8 carbon molecules.  These medium chains are digested more rapidly and are quickly absorbed and used as fuel for your body.  MCT oil is not found in nature in this state.  It is a perfect combination of the medium chain triglycerides found in both coconut and palm oil (excluding the long chain triglycerides found in coconut oil).

So what makes MCT oil so special?  Well, it’s not only a great source of fats, it’s also been studied for its use in treating gastrointestinal disorders, mal-absorptive disorders, reducing obesity, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders (Shah, Neha D, and Berkeley N Limketkai, 2017).  In addition to these benefits, when MCT oil is absorbed it creates energy in the form of ketones.  Being on a ketogenic diet, you use ketones for fuel.  If you measure your blood ketone level shortly after ingesting MCT oil (say, in the form of a bullet proof coffee), you may notice an increase.  So there are many benefits to MCT oil. But are there any negatives?

MCT oil in large doses can cause laxative effects in some people.  When first adding MCT oil to your diet, it is recommended you start with a small amount and work your way up.  But even then, there are some people that still find they are experiencing some GI upset.  This is where the MCT Oil Powder comes in.  The MCT oil powders are a bit lower in concentration then MCT oil (based on the same measurements) and are easier on the stomach and GI for those that are more sensitive.  Another benefit is that the MCT oil powders come in flavors as well as plain.  So for someone that wants to get in some extra fats you can mix it into your coffee, make a bulletproof hot cocoa with it, a matcha latte, or even mix it with some plain unsweetened almond milk and ice and blend it for a little “frappe”.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

For this review, I tried Perfect Keto’s Chocolate, Matcha, and Vanilla flavored MCT Oil Powders.  I added the chocolate and vanilla to my coffee and it was delicious!  The chocolate made it similar to a mocha.  For the matcha latte, I tried it both hot and cold.  For the hot, I boiled 10oz of unsweetened almond milk and blended in 1 scoop of MCT matcha powder and added a little vanilla extract… it was perfect!  For cold, I did the same thing, with the exception of boiling the unsweetened almond milk.  I also added in ½ cup of ice and blended it!  I topped it with some fresh whipping cream and a drizzle of keto approved caramel and it was almost as if I had my Starbucks Green Tea Latte back without the carb overload!


  • The ingredients are simple with only 3 in each container(less if you go with unflavored): Natural Vanilla Powder/Natural Cocoa Powder/Ceremonial Grade Matcha powder(depends on your flavor), Stevia, and MCT Oil Powder.


  • Ketone levels were increased for a short period of time (two hours), and returned back to pretest levels  after.
  • Blood glucose increase was within a normal expected range for keto foods.


  • At $39.99 per container and 20 servings per container this breaks down to $2 per serving.
  • Compared to plain MCT Oil this product is more expensive per serving, but you are getting a flavored product that does blend better on the go as well as packages up better for travel (no oil spilling out into your bag).


  • Overall this product tastes very delicious with no aftertaste.  I was a bit concerned as stevia is used as a sweetener, but I was unable to detect the stevia.
  • I like the ability to use this to make a frappe/shake/cold drink.  Unlike traditional MCT oil, I don’t find it separating after sitting for extended periods of time or when used in cold drinks.
  • Chocolate and matcha latte are my favorites.  Not that vanilla wasn’t good, but I don’t think I would purchase it again and instead opt for MCT oil with a splash of vanilla extract.