There’s new thinking on how to treat migraines that has nothing to do with medications and everything to do with understanding the root causes of migraines and eliminating them. This is the topic of Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: How to Treat and Prevent Migraines Without Medicine by Angela A Stanton, Ph.D. The best part? Stanton promises migraine sufferers can find significant relief through a simple combination of lifestyle and dietary changes.

About the Author

Angela Stanton, Ph.D., is a neuroeconomist who researches how neuropeptides (chemical signals in the brain) affect us. She’s also a long-term migraine sufferer who was fed up with the lack of understanding and treatments for migraines within the medical community. Armed with personal experience, incentive, and knowhow, she focuses her research on the root cause of migraines, prevention, and treatment and shares it through her writings and her Stanton Migraine Protocol Facebook group

What’s Inside/How the Book is Organized 

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: How to Treat and Prevent Migraines Without Medicine connects the dots to help the reader to understand that migraines are preventable and completely treatable through lifestyle and dietary changes and without medications.

The sections in this book, most of which are geared toward the everyday “migraineur” or migraine sufferer and a little of which is for the medical community, are meaty and useful. You’ll find a succinct guide to how to get rid of migraines (hint: it’s mostly based on what you eat and don’t eat), a section highlighting the physiology and biology of migraines, and an exploration of who is susceptible to migraines and why. 

There’s also a section outlining the likely triggers for the variety of early migraine symptoms alongside detailed information on how each trigger can be offset through your diet and lifestyle. The science and medical community will especially appreciate the more elaborate explanation of migraine cause. But everyone should be aware of the 30 most often prescribed “drugs of shame.”

What You Will Learn From this Book

If you struggle with migraines, are tired of relying on prescription drugs that don’t work and come with unwanted side effects, and want to understand why you’re getting migraines and what you can do to get rid of them, this book will help. 

You’ll learn:

    • What most migraineurs have in common, including light sensitivity, certain genetics, and food triggers 
    • The impacts that certain foods have on migraines
    • Which foods to eat and which to avoid
    • Which diets to avoid, and which ones are helpful
    • Why medications are not the answer
    • What lifestyle changes you can make to help avoid/recover from a migraine episode
    • Why you can’t find your migraine solution in the scientific literature
    • Why recovery-time varies greatly between people
    • What the difference is between evidence-based medicine and science-based medicine
    • What the difference is between health-care and disease-care
    • The genetics that most migraineurs share
    • Advanced explanations of the cause of migraines

What We Like

We learned that many migraineurs are either insulin resistant or diabetic. We like that Stanton teaches you why this is the case, down to the cellular level. She also advocates for checking your glucose levels and teaches you how the foods you eat influence your overall health and the frequency of migraines. We also appreciate that she avoids the expensive, rarely effective pharmaceutical approach to treating migraines and empowers the reader with food as medicine. 

The Final Word

Stanton cares about migraineurs who are suffering and dedicates her work to make sure we all know the truth on how to avoid migraines. If you’re a migraineur and not finding relief, this book is game-changing. 

Shop for Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: How to Treat and Prevent Migraines Without Medicine here. 


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