E-2 Error Code

Published: June 21, 2018

E-2 Error Code

Mister Mojo, here and we’re going to go through checking your strips and E2 errors. So you place your strip in at the bottom, like so, and the meter will show CH for checking. Now, it’ll make sure it sees the code. And then, oh, no, an E-2 error. I’ve only just bought my meter, but how could I have an E-2 error? Because it thinks that the strip is expired, but it’s not, because our strips are all super fresh. So what is actually wrong is the date is set incorrectly in the meter. And that’s really easy to fix. So never fear, Mister Mojo is here to take care of you.

In order to change the date, you have to start with it in the off position, like so. And then what we’re going to do is open up the back, pull like this, and you will see the little, yellow button on the side there. I’m going to press that just once. As you can see, the first thing that comes on up, down the bottom here, is the date, which is at 2025. And we need to roll that back all the way to the current date. But to do that, we’re actually going to roll it forwards. So watch this, as I climb on up here, you’ll find I’ll get to 2050 and it comes back to 2005. And now we’re going to forward this onto today’s year, that’s correct. And we open up the back again, and we press it to start like that. And then we have to go through all of the settings as we move through until we get to the end. And we have then changed the date and we’ll no longer get an error message when placing in the strips. If your meter is already on, and you need to be in the off position, you could wait four minutes or you can do a simple little hack, which is take the batteries out, and put them back on it, and it will reset to the off position like so. Off, put it back on in, it’ll go through a quick check routine, and then it switches off. And now are in a position to actually go and change the date.


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