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Did you know we include opportunities to review the recipes on our website? Or that we started featuring community reviews at the end of our recipe newsletters each week? Well, we do! And we want to hear from YOU! 

We know our recipes are great because we brainstorm, develop, test, and perfect them just for you. But it’s way more fun to hear how you feel about them after you’ve tried them. Plus it’s always enjoyable to learn tips and modifications from other ketonians who’ve made the dish. That’s why we include a place for you to add your review and comments at the end of each recipe page. Next time you make a recipe, please review it and share your thoughts!

If you would like to be featured in our Community Reviews with your photo, here’s what to do:

1. Go to Keto-Mojo.com and pick a mouth-watering recipe to make. Then star-rate it and write a brief or elaborate review on the recipe page. (You can find the review section at the end of the specific recipe page.)


2. Email a high-res, clear, color profile picture (or headshot) of yourself to recipereviews@keto-mojo.com. Also include your city and state. Make sure you send it from the email account associated with your online review and/or put the name of the recipe in the subject line.


3. We’ll confirm that we have what we need and let you know when you’ll be featured in our recipe newsletter.  Be sure you are signed up to get our weekly recipe newsletter. You won’t want miss it!

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