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Ketosis is simply a state that the normal functioning of the body goes through due to low sugar levels thus burning stored fats instead that leads to development of ketones (acids) within the body. It’s a state which can be experienced normally when fasting or when an individual is on a diet with strictly low carbs. Ketones are very crucial for the brains generally since it requires lots of energy, as it is the most utilized part of our bodies in all the times.

Is ketosis of any benefit to you? Well let’s explore more. If you are trying to cut down on your weight, then this state of the body is simply helpful as studies have revealed that ketogenic sensitive diets leads to more weight loss. How is this possible? The answer is very simple when feeding entirely on a ketogenic diet your body discriminately decides to operate majority of its functions on fats. This reduces the insulin levels whereas fat burning increases. Exploring how ketones benefit the brains even deeper; it’s quite obvious that when you expose your body and brains to less or no carbs, this forces them to utilize the stored fats that in turn raises one’s mental and physical attentiveness. Well this is great news because tentatively hunger is minimized resulting in effortless weight reduction. Studies also reveal that lower carbs or ketogenic diet is a therapy utilized since the 1920’s. The low carb diet simply reduces seizure associated with epileptic patients, the patients are able to take less drugs to control the disease without fears of experiencing seizure. Feeding your body with low carbs further contributes to stabilization of the blood pressure resulting into reducing acne and migraines.

How do you attain ketosis in order to achieve the above benefits? Simply eat low level carbs diet such as natural fats, fish and seafood just to mention a few. You can also explore a number of drinks with low carbs such as coffee, tea and water. It is important to ideally stay away from sweeteners or sugar. However ketogenic foods cannot not be used by the following kinds of people; breast feeding mothers, diabetic patients on insulin medication and people undergoing medication for high blood pressure.

In conclusion whichever benefits you think the state of ketosis can provide to your body be very careful and be fully aware of your health conditions with reference to the warnings in the previous paragraph. It doesn’t hurt to consult also your doctor or health experts when making a decision for whichever reason you will want to utilize this state, be it trying to loose some pounds. The bottom line is that for your body to go in this state of ketosis you simply have to stay away from carbohydrates which are mostly associated with stored sugars/starch. If you strongly believe that trying out ketogenic diets is the answer to your weight loss journey, why not go for it because it is not just beneficial in losing some pounds but also very great to improve you mental alertness.



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