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About Us

Every journey to better health begins somewhere. For some, it might be in a doctor’s office, for others it might be at the birth of their child or the funeral of a loved one. For me, it was not nearly as life-affirming. It was reclined on a sun lounger and realizing I could balance a bottle of beer on my protruding belly.

Having ballooned to over 207 lbs I felt constantly tired, was on anti-depressants and had nearly all the markers for metabolic syndrome. I had completely lost my mojo.

After much research, it became evident that the Ketogenic lifestyle was a path to measurable success. My wife and I started a lazy clean Ketogenic diet and within six months I lost 47 lbs. I came off all medications and finally felt like I was getting my mojo back. The Ketogenic lifestyle changed my life and I wanted to give back.

Ketone testing was expensive and we learned that the meters and test strips were produced by a few big players in the bio-tech industry. This limited competition meant prices would remain high and Ketone testing would not be accessible to the millions of people who could reap the health benefits.

This was an industry that needed to be disrupted. After many months and countless doors being firmly closed in my face, I found a manufacturing partner and we worked to create a FDA approved meter and testing strips that are more accurate and affordable than any others in the market.

We have put everything we have into the project, including 20 years of saving and our house. Keto has changed our lives and we hope we can pay it forward with affordable and accurate testing for everyone.

Thanks to Keto I got my mojo back. No matter where you are on your journey what’s your mojo?

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Mister and Misses Mojo

Aka Dorian & Gemma