Setting up your GKI Meter

  • Last updated December 10, 2021

The easiest way to learn how to set up your GKI meter by watching this short.  Or follow the instructions below.

NOTE: Before using your meter for the first time or if you change your meter battery, you should check and update your meter settings.

Getting Started

  1. Your Keto-Mojo comes with batteries installed. Pull the clear tab on the back of the meter to expose the battery connection.

Set the Date and Time

  1. Start with the meter off (with no test strip inserted).
  2. Press and hold the Main power button (on the front of the meter) for more than 2 seconds until the meter beeps. The meter is now in set-up mode and will prompt you for the clock format.
  3. Clock format: you have two options for time format—12h or 24h. Press the buttons on the left side of the meter up or down to adjust and set the clock for 12 or 24 hour mode, then press the main power button twice to save your choice. The meter will prompt you to set the date
  4. Date: it’s critical that your meter is set to the correct date.  If your meter is not in the current year, you will receive errors and waste test strips.  The year will now flash on the display. Press the buttons on the left side of the meter to adjust it until the year setting is accurate, then press the power button twice and it will prompt you for the month.
  5. Month will be flashing. To advance the month, press the buttons on the side of the meter until the correct month appears.  Press the Main power button twice to set the month.
  6. Day will be is flashing.  Press the side buttons to advance to the correct day.  Press the Main power button twice to set the day.
  7. Time: the hour will be flashing. Press the side buttons to adjust the hour, then press the Main power button twice to set the hour.
  8. Minute will now be flashing. Press the side button to adjust the minute, then press the Main power button twice to set the minute.

Set the Audio feature and Test Alarms

  1. Audio: after you set the minute, the meter will display “beep” in the upper right corner. Use the buttons on the left to toggle between “On” or “Off”, then press the Main power button twice to set.
  2. Test Alarms: the next settings are for the Test Alarms.  You can set up to 5 alarms per day  (A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5) if you want to test at the same time each day for a better comparison of readings. If you turn alarms On, your meter is pre-set with the following times for your convenience but you can adjust each time to suit your needs: A1 7:00 A2 9:00 A3 14:00 A4 18:00 A5 22:00.
  3. Setting the Test Alarms: after you set the audio, you will see A1 displayed in the upper left corner and “Off” displayed below. Use the buttons on the side of the meter to toggle between “On” or “Off” for A1, then press the Main power button to set.
    • If you set A1 to “Off”, you will be prompted with to set A2 and you can continue to use the side buttons to turn “On” or “Off”, pressing the power button twice to set each one.
    • If you select “On”, the hour flashes. “A1” will remain on the display. Press side button to select the hour and press power button twice to set.
    • When the minute starts flashes, press side button to select 00, 15, 30, or 45. These are the only choices. Press power button twice to set.
    • Continue to set other alarms or set alarms to “Off”.
    • Note: If the meter is on at the time the test reminder is set, the test alarm will not get activated.

Other Settings

  1. Meal Markers: after setting the test alarm functions, the symbols of  an apple and an apple core will begin flashing, along with word “On.” This allows you to tag your reading for Before or After a meal. Press the side buttons to turn the meal marker function on or off, then press power button twice to set.
  2. Hypoglycemia (Hypo) Warning: after setting the meal marker, you can set the hypo alarm, which indicates a possible hypoglycemic condition (or low blood sugar level). “Hypo” will be flashing on the display along with “On.”  Press side button to turn the Hypo alarm function On or Off and press the power button twice to set.
    • If you select the hypo alarm “On,” the display shows 70 mg/dL with the symbol of “GLU” on the display, press power button to set or adjust the glucose level up or down with the buttons on the side of the meter. Press power button twice to set.
    • Note: Talk to your healthcare professional to help you decide the hypo level that is suited for for your health condition. For healthcare professionals, the hypoglycemic level may vary from person to person. It is recommended to turn the hypo alarm function OFF when using the meter in a professional facility.
  3. Ketone Warning: after the hypo warning setting is completed, the “Ketone” will flash on the display, along with word “On.” This is a setting designed specifically for type 1 diabetics at risk of ketoacidosis  when both ketones and glucose are very high. Press side buttons to turn the Ketone Warning on or off, and press power button twice to set.
    • If you turn Ketone Warning on, the symbol will appear with the other symbols that you have set before. After setting the Ketone Warning, the screen will show all symbols which you have set before. Press power button and the meter will be turned off.

Settings can ONLY be changed while the meter is in the setting mode. To change settings, press and hold the power button when the meter is powered off and then return to the beginning of the setting series as described above.


The Keto-Mojo meter uses AAA batteries.

The following batteries are compatible with the GKI meter:

    • ACDelco UltraMAX
    • Amazon Basics
    • Fujitsu Universal Alkaline
    • Mitsubishi Electric Alkaline
    • Philips Power Alkaline
    • Walmart Generic Alkalin

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  2. First, notice that you have 100 “Dislikes” and 35 “Likes”. That right there should tell you that you need to be doing something different. What have people asked you for? Have you given it to them?
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  5. This article is great for if I am setting up a new device, but it does not help if I have one setup already and only want to change the setting to beep or not. I have messed around with the device and dug through the mobile app all over and I can not find a way to turn on the beep after initial setup. I want to have my phone push the right time and date to the device, so I am looking for another way to get this set without doing a new setup and setting the time and date manually.

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    Fantastic web site. Lots of helpful information here.

    I’m sending it to some buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And certainly, thanks on your sweat!

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  10. My son and I bought separate keto-mojo devices. We typically test at the same time. The problem is, I guess despite “pairing,” our iPhone apps are syncing with I guess the nearest device – so we are now getting each other’s readings into our devices and it’s extremely frustrating.
    So, 1) how do I selectively delete readings from the device that isn’t mine? And 2) how can we prevent the app from trying to sync with the other person’s device? (I’ve even tried moving to another room, and my son’s app still finds mine from time to time)

  11. I’m trying to update my older unit after the batteries died and these instructions are obviously for a unit quite different from mine. Have you abandoned your original customers?

  12. When do you know the batteries are low? Do you lose any data readings when you change batteries?

  13. I am trying to factory reset my device and it is not working and the instructions do not work. I will keep looking

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  19. hello,
    I recently bought a meter, from France.
    From what I understand, it should read in mg/dL, and there is no way to change this reading.
    What I received gives me readings in mmol/L.
    From the information on your site, i should have been sent the different model ?

  20. I cannot get my meter to pair with my Bluetooth. I know the Bluetooth work on the phone, I have paired my fit tracker and some wireless ear buds just yesterday and today. Keto-Mojo GK+ Meter show on my Bluetooth screen, it says that it is pairing, then it tells me “Couldn’t pair with Keto-Mojo GK+ Meter. Make sure it is ready to pair. What do I need to do to the meter to get it to pair?

  21. My meter keeps defaulting to the D/M (day/month) set up. I have tried repeatedly to reset it but it will not seem to allow me to switch to Month/day…annoying and frustrating that I can not get this simple thing right!

  22. “This allows you to tag your reading for Before or After a meal. Press the side buttons to turn the meal marker function on or off, then press power button twice to set.”

    ?… so you have to take out the batteries before and after the meal to change this setting?

    How do you change it when testing … there’s nothing here about that.

  23. The ‘Hypo’ option is not giving me mg/dl setting.
    I can only see mmol.
    How can I be sure I’m setting this correctly for Europe?

  24. Hello, I tried to sync my device with the app according to the instruction in the manual. It does not sync., I do have 2 readings in the device.

  25. Health cloud connect not covered. No troubleshooting instructions for cloud connect.

  26. Now that it is set up I cannnot go back in and change the clock (daylight savings time).

  27. Several attempts to set up. I can’t set date I get a message end.

  28. Haven’t used my UK meter in a while.when I went to it today the time is incorrect and following your instructions does not enable me to access the date or time settings to adjust them

  29. 1: How do you change the setting later on?
    2: does changing the battery remembers the measurement (data)or you need a backup somewhere?

  30. In trends, you show glucose, ketone, amd GKI…but only glucose and ketone levels are seen. Why have a gki “button” if you aren’t tracking it? How does one get the GKI trend to show?

  31. Received my keto-mojo today and am trying to set-up by clicking “sync”. My phone goes into search mode, finds the device, shows it to me – and then, when I click on the name of the device (keto-mojo) my phone tells me it did not pair them and I should have a look into the settings.
    I went to see the settings of the app: everything seems to be fine.
    This is about it.
    BTW: during this process, the keto-mojo shows date and time of day correctly, and also the sign for “ready to measure” is blinking.
    So where’s the error?

  32. Where is information on what meal markers are and how to use them?

  33. I’m just trying to figure out how the Pre meal/ post meal icon (apple) works. There is no info about this icon on the meter, and not mentioned on any of your videos and not addressed any where on your website or user manual .

  34. In Canada we use a different numbering to test blood sugar. Can the meter be switched to the Canadian system (1-6)

  35. the 12/ 24 hour screen never comes up. It goes straight to the time screen with no option

  36. I need to back up the year to 2020. Currently showing 2032. The instructions call for buttons on left side mine does not have buttons

  37. I have a TD-4279 and it does not go into any setup. I have replaced batteries. It never worked and I purchased from Amazon 1.5 years ago but got busy and never used it. I recently opened it up and put new batteries in it but it never did give me any setup help. I did test a keto strip and it worked one time I believe. The ones that came with unit are old now so I have ordered new ones from Amazon.
    Help this confused Keto fan please.

  38. my meter would never go into set up mode. I have done everything – held main button, took out batteries, pushed set button, tried to sync with my android. It wont sync either


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