Setting up your GK+ Meter

  • Last updated October 1, 2020

The easiest way to learn how to set up your GK+ meter is by watching this short video.  Or follow the instructions below. 

NOTE: Before using your meter for the first time or if you change your meter battery, you should check and update your meter settings. 

Getting Started 

  • Your Keto-Mojo comes with batteries installed. Pull the clear tab on the back of the meter to expose the battery connection. 

Set the Date and Time 

  • Start with the meter off (with no test strip inserted). 
  • Press and hold the Main power button (on the front of the meter) for more than 2 seconds until the meter beeps. The meter is now in set-up mode and will prompt you for the clock format. 
  • Clock format: you have two options for time format—12h or 24h. Press the buttons on the left side of the meter up or down to adjust and set the clock for 12 or 24 hour mode, then press the main power button twice to save your choice. The meter will prompt you to set the date 
  • Date: it’s critical that your meter is set to the correct date.  If your meter is not in the current year, you will receive errors and waste test strips.  The year will now flash on the display. Press the buttons on the left side of the meter to adjust it until the year setting is accurate, then press the power button twice and it will prompt you for the month.
  • Month will be flashing. To advance the month, press the buttons on the side of the meter until the correct month appears.  Press the Main power button twice to set the month. 
  • Day will be is flashing.  Press the side buttons to advance to the correct day.  Press the Main power button twice to set the day. 
  • Time: the hour will be flashing. Press the side buttons to adjust the hour, then press the Main power button twice to set the hour. 
  • Minute will now be flashing. Press the side button to adjust the minute, then press the Main power button twice to set the minute. 

Set the Audio feature and Test Alarms 

  • Audio: after you set the minute, the meter will display “beep” in the upper right corner. Use the buttons on the left to toggle between “On” or “Off”, then press the Main power button twice to set. 
  • Test Alarms: the next settings are for the Test Alarms.  You can set up to 5 alarms per day  (A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5) if you want to test at the same time each day for a better comparison of readings. If you turn alarms On, your meter is pre-set with the following times for your convenience but you can adjust each time to suit your needs: A1 7:00 A2 9:00 A3 14:00 A4 18:00 A5 22:00. 
  • Setting the Test Alarms: after you set the audio, you will see A1 displayed in the upper left corner and “Off” displayed below. Use the buttons on the side of the meter to toggle between “On” or “Off” for A1, then press the Main power button to set. 
  • If you set A1 to “Off”, you will be prompted with to set A2 and you can continue to use the side buttons to turn “On” or “Off”, pressing the power button twice to set each one. 
  • If you select “On”, the hour flashes. “A1” will remain on the display. Press side button to select the hour and press power button twice to set. 
  • When the minute starts flashes, press side button to select 00, 15, 30, or 45. These are the only choices. Press power button twice to set. 
  • Continue to set other alarms or set alarms to “Off”. 
  • Note: If the meter is on at the time the test reminder is set, the test alarm will not get activated. 

Other Settings 

  • Meal Markers: after setting the test alarm functions, the symbols of an apple and an apple core will begin flashing, along with word “On.” This allows you to tag your reading for Before or After a meal. Press the side buttons to turn the meal marker function on or off, then press power button twice to set. 
  • Hypoglycemia (Hypo) Warning: after setting the meal marker, you can set the hypo alarm, which indicates a possible hypoglycemic condition (or low blood sugar level). “Hypo” will be flashing on the display along with “On.”  Press side button to turn the Hypo alarm function On or Off and press the power button twice to set. 
  • If you select the hypo alarm “On,” the display shows 70 mg/dL with the symbol of “GLU” on the display, press power button to set or adjust the glucose level up or down with the buttons on the side of the meter. Press power button twice to set. 
  • Note: Talk to your healthcare professional to help you decide the hypo level that is suited for for your health condition. For healthcare professionals, the hypoglycemic level may vary from person to person. It is recommended to turn the hypo alarm function OFF when using the meter in a professional facility. 
  • Ketone Warning: after the hypo warning setting is completed, the “Ketone” will flash on the display, along with word “On.” This is a setting designed specifically for type 1 diabetics at risk of ketoacidosis  when both ketones and glucose are very high. Press side buttons to turn the Ketone Warning on or off, and press power button twice to set. 
  • If you turn Ketone Warning on, the symbol will appear with the other symbols that you have set before. After setting the Ketone Warning, the screen will show all symbols which you have set before. Press power button and the meter will be turned off. 

Settings can ONLY be changed while the meter is in the setting mode. To change settings, press and hold the power button when the meter is powered off and then return to the beginning of the setting series as described above. 


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37 responses to “Setting up your GK+ Meter”

  1. this instructions do not allow you to go back and change 12/24h or Date..

  2. E 2 is Still showing on my mojo device ive set time and date and its still showing e 2 …. I have no yellow button where the batteries are either im in the UK.. please help

  3. How the heck do you clear the readings on the monitor itself??? My meter has max’ed out and clearing reading data in the APP does not clear out the meter!

  4. How to pair my meter. It used to work. Now it says “an app is neccessary to use this..”. I have the app on my Galaxy note 9 Android phone.

  5. There is no information about pairing the GK+ meter to a phone.

  6. I cannot figure out how to change the dates on my readings. The unit wouldn’t initially sync with my phone, so I have two days’ worth of readings that are showing up from December, 2020. I just need to know how to edit the dates.

  7. My husband and i will share the meter
    Can we have two separate files of historical readings (mine and my husband)

  8. I made a mistake in the original set up and cannot find my way back to the beginning of the set up process. The meter thinks that it is eleven o’clock on December 7, 2020 and I cannot figure out how to start over. Please help me!

    ALSO, I cannot use the app with the new meter because it is already paired with my old meter. What to do?

    Thank you for any help you can give!

  9. I can’t get my meter off 24 hr time. How do I reset it

  10. looking for resetting the devise on initial set up…just wanted to see the different screens and set up the first screen incorrectly

  11. syncing with phone that is US region and M/D/YY format yet the meter will only set D/M

  12. How to I set my keto mojo meter to use mmol/L for glucose readings?

  13. Please tell me how I can set the glucose unit of measure to mmol/l.

  14. Your video is not user friendly. I just rec. this in the mail. There is nothing explaining the meter how to read it? Same for the phone. You assume everyone is blue tooth etc. and that everyone knows how to use the meter. Where is your basic —instructions —step by step.

  15. I didn’t find the video/instructions quickly enough after pulling the tab. Now I can’t get back to the set up screen/options.

  16. How do I set the before or after meal each time I test? Do I have to go through ALL the other setting to get to the meal setting each time?
    If it hasn’t marked before or after a meal can I go back and fix it to report if it was before or after the meal on my app or meter?

  17. When I went to set the date, it was already on the time, so I set the time thinking it would go back to set the date. The date is not correct and I would like to reset it on my GK+ Meter. Thank you!

  18. i set it up before however it wont sync now and the app wont let me forget the device so that i can reset my device (the new GK meter} the app just keeps looking for device (android phone)

  19. How do I change the meter to show Glucose in mmol/L? I have it in the app but the meter always defaults to the American units which mean nothing to me.

  20. How do i set time/date if i have missed answering the initial turn on 24/12 question? I don’t see any menu that lets me set time and date apart from this ‘initial turn on’ stage.

  21. How do I reset the meter? I messed up and set it on jan instead of dec. I want to start over but can’t get back to months day settings

  22. I want to know how to make the meter read in the australian meter not the us measurement I change it in the app but the meter isnt keeping the reading

  23. I would like to know how to make my GK+ meter use the mg/dL format. I have changed it in the app, synced a couple of times, and it still shows my readings in the mmol/L format.

  24. Hi. I recently took advantage of the offer to upgrade to the GK+. I received my unit (SN: (21)335C0004EE3 however I can not change the blood glucose settings.

    I want to use the mmol/L setting but can not see how I should change it. Please help me change this setting.

  25. I am replacing the meter I have with the updated version. I still have quite a few test strips that I would like to use but I have about three times as many glucose strips as ketone. So, at some point I would like to start using the new ketone strips (in the new meter) while I am still using the old glucose strips in the old meter. That would mean I would be using both meters along side each other.

    Can I pair the new meter with the app and keep the old meter paired at the same time?

    And just a comment on the new design. Please, the next time you update your molds, put back the loading shelf. It is a big help in getting the second strip loaded quickly, before my blood clots and I have to do a second puncture. The light is cute but a positive physical land is much more useful (and I don’t think I will be testing myself in the dark).


  26. need to reset check or set date and year. it is going straight to time option.

  27. Just got my New Keto Mojo GK+ and trying to set it up to sync. Well Cant remember my password for account, it will NOT send me the email with instructions. So thought I would come online to change password, can NOT find out how to do this in my account? So So frustrating. Just want to have my Blooth tooth work on my New machine. Last machine so far was way easier set up. Also the Ind wrapped strips, just a pain. However, the readings are easier and not getting the Error sign at all. Impressed with that. Just wish I could set up the Blue tooth. totally disappointed on this.

  28. How do I change from the 24hr clock to the 12 hour clock

  29. My meter no longer syncs with the app. The app is continually searching for, but never finding the device


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