The Importance of the Code Key in Each Vial of New Ketone Strips

  • Last updated December 1, 2017

Use the code key before using any ketone strips!

The code key calibrates each new batch of ketone strips with the meter to ensure accurate readings. So it’s very important you calibrate your meter with each new batch or vial of ketone strips  before using the strips.

Where to find your code key

Each new meter kit includes one ketone code key in the side pocket of the black accessory case that will match the 10 ketone strips inside the black case.   Each new box of ketone strips that you order will have a code key in the bottom of the box of strips, not in the vial.

Note:  please do not throw away your ketone box unless you have found the code key. Unfortunately, we do not have any extras to provide to you and you will not be able to use the strips. Please contact customer support for assistance.


How to calibrate with the code key

It’s super simple, just insert the code key into the meter strip port and your meter will display a 3-digit code number that corresponds to the number on vial of ketone strips and the number printed the strip box.

You only need to code your meter with new strips once, before using any new ketone strips.

However, you should keep the code key on hand until you finish the corresponding batch of strips, just in case you need to use it again.

Note: Glucose strips do not require calibration.  There is no code key for glucose strips

Want more info? Watch this video on coding your new ketone strips to your meter.



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