How to Test Using the Keto-Mojo GK+ Meter

  • Last updated October 1, 2020

The easiest way to learn how to test your glucose and ketone is to watch this short video. Otherwise, continue reading. 

Be Prepared 

Be sure to set up your meter (insert setting up your meter link) prior to testing and have all the materials you need for testing in front of you. This includes your Keto-Mojo GK+ Multi-function Meter, Keto-Mojo blood glucose test strips, Keto-Mojo blood ketone test strips, and the Keto-Mojo lancing device and lancets. 

Getting Started 

  • Wash and dry your hands well before testing, or use an alcohol swab to sanitize the testing area. Make sure there is no contaminant on the test site. 
  • Remove the test strips from the test strip foil pouch and place them on a clean surface. We find the easiest way to open the foil pouches is to tear the pouch in the middle crosswise. Note: check the expiration date on the back of the foil pouch before opening. 
  • Insert the test strip into the meter strip port. 
  • A symbol with a test strip with a flashing blood symbol will appear letting you know the meter is ready to test. 

Draw Your Blood & Take Your Tests 

  • Use your lancet device and prick a freshly cleaned and dry area of your fingertip, then ensure you get a blood droplet about half the size of a matchstick head. 
  • With the strip in the meter, bring the tip of the strip to the blood droplet on your finger; on contact, it will draw in the blood via capillary action. Hold the tip of the test strip in the blood droplet until the meter beeps and starts counting down. Glucose will count down from 5 seconds and you’ll get a reading. Please do not touch the test strip during the countdown as this may result in an error. 
  • Immediately discard the glucose strip using the easy eject button on the back of the meter. 
  • Insert the ketone strip into the meter and bring the tip of the strip to your blood droplet. Hold it there until the meter beeps. The meter will start counting down from 9 seconds, then give you your results. 
  • Discard the ketone strip using the eject button on the back of the meter. 
  • You have 3 minutes to get your readings before the meter will shut off. 
  • The test result will automatically be stored in the meter memory. 

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