What are the glucose measurement variants by European country?

  • Last updated September 5, 2020

Below you will find a list of the generally accepted glucose variants by country. We offer meter kits in both variants. Make sure to check the variant when you purchase your meter kit.

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Austria mg/dL
Belgium mg/dL
Bulgaria mmol/L
Croatia mmol/L
Czech Republic mmol/L
Denmark mmol/L
Estonia mmol/L
Finland mmol/L
France mg/dL
Germany mmol/L & mg/dL
Greece mg/dL
Hungary mmol/L
Ireland mmol/L
Italy mg/dL
Latvia mmol/L
Lithuania mmol/L
Luxembourg mg/dL
Malta mmol/L
Netherlands mmol/L
Norway mmol/L
Poland mg/dL
Portugal mg/dL
Romania mg/dL
Slovakia mmol/L
Slovenia mmol/L
Spain mg/dL
Sweden mmol/L
Switzerland mmol/L
United Kingdom mmol/L

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